Manuel Tanger

Singularity Expert: Disruption, Innovation

Manuel Tanger holds an MSc in Physics from Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon which he concluded with a top graded final thesis supervised by Physics Nobel Prize Winner 1999 Gerard t’Hooft at the University of Utrecht. Manuel lived in many different countries during is life like Brazil, China, India, Holland, Italy, Canada, Belgium and, of course, Portugal. This international exposure has been formative and character building in important aspects of his life. He started his professional career at Mercer HR Consulting. Following this experience was invited to work for Danone in Italy as a Strategic Planner for the Western Europe Zone for a couple of years and then Brand Manager of Vitasnella.After Italy came Qbian, a Global training company that used training as a frontline marketing tool and developed Global programs for Nokia Globally. There, he was European Marketing Manager.In 2009, Manuel co-founded Beta-i, an organisation actively promoting entrepreneurship and innovation around the World, where he is a board member and Head of the Innovation and Corporate Acceleration team.Having helped Global companies like Airbus, Nestlé, Nokia, Cisco, Novartis, EDP, Ageas, Deloitte and so many others define and design innovation strategies has provided a wide scope of insight into all the main industries and a fine tuned vision of how companies can innovate their way to the future.Through the LC Ventures, Manuel as founder, supports the early stage startup ecosystem and is one one the most active funds in Portugal.Manuel is also a Singularity University Singularity Expert, member, specializing in innovation and entrepreneurship and has been actively preparing companies for the next wave of technological disruption.An avid reader and father of 3 lovely children. Manuel lives in Portugal and loves it.