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Lisa Andrews

Chief Executive Officer, WAVIA
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    Distributed Ledger Technology, Innovation, Exponential Thinking, Leadership, Transformation
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Lisa Andrews is a dedicated advocate for positive global change, committed to providing every individual with an equitable start in life and unleashing their full potential. Armed with a background in data, engineering and finance, she spearheads impactful projects that employ data and exponential technologies to tackle humanity's most pressing issues. As a serial entrepreneur, Lisa champions purpose-driven profit, having won the Hunter Outstanding Young Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2018.Lisa's influential work spans across collaborations with renowned institutions like Singularity University, the United Nations and ACTAI, as well as involvement in transformative initiatives such as the Extreme Tech Challenge and 2030Vision. By focusing on projects aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals, she endeavors to solve global challenges through exponential technology solutions.Lisa envisions a future marked by profound collaboration between humanity and technology, and her efforts center on shaping a positive trajectory for the next century. When she's not immersed in her mission, you'll find Lisa indulging her passion for reading, exploring exotic locales or engaging in kite surfing adventures.


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