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Jun Axup

COO at E11 Bio
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    United States
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Jun Axup is Chief Science Officer and Partner at IndieBio, the world's leading life science accelerator. Focused on turning scientists into entrepreneurs, IndieBio has funded and helped build over 136 biotech companies spanning all applications including future of food/agriculture, consumer biotech, computational biology, digital health, therapeutics, medical devices, neurotech, and regenerative medicine. At IndieBio, she advises companies, runs scientific programming, makes investment decisions, and builds community. Jun holds a PhD in chemical biology from The Scripps Research Institute. She worked in several startups in the fields of immuno-oncology, protein engineering, lab automation robotics, CRISPR, precision medicine, and have co-founded two companies. She is passionate about increasing human healthspan/longevity, hacking brains, and solving climate change.


The Future of Human Health and Machines