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Julie Legault

Founder & CEO, Amino Labs
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    Biotechnology, Communities, Ethics, Purpose
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Julie Legault is a Montreal-based designer-entrepreneur with a passion for translating complex technologies into accessible experiences. Armed with a B.F.A. in Design and Computation Art from Concordia University and a Master of Art from the Royal College of Art in London, she further honed her skills with a Master of Science from MIT Media Lab. Julie's journey has been marked by a commitment to making intricate concepts understandable to all.Throughout her career, Julie's innovative work has left an indelible mark. She collaborated with major entities and celebrities like Rihanna and Imogen Heap, leveraging her expertise to create smart materials, wearable tech and interactive art. Her impact extended globally, with her creations featured in esteemed publications and exhibitions including Wired Magazine, NYT, MoMA, ARS Electronica and the Victoria & Albert museum.Julie's fascination with translating complexity led her to found Amino Labs, an MIT spinout dedicated to making genetic engineering accessible to non-scientists and children through hands-on experiences. Alongside her professional achievements, Julie is a fellow of the Coaching Fellowship program for remarkable young women leaders of impact.Driven by her desire to bridge the gap between innovation and public acceptance, Julie continues to craft transformative experiences and products that usher in cultural change.


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