Jos Dirkx

Singularity Expert: AI and EI in Education, Diversity and Inclusion, Cross-cultural Awareness

Jos Dirkx is an award-winning media and communications advisor, global speaker, author and world-traveler. Originally from The Netherlands, Jos was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and has since lived in twelve countries across the world, having visited near 100. Jos is passionate about telling stories that change the world: whether through the arts, by creating content that challenges the status quo, or through creativity and EdTech. Jos is the founder of an award-winning NGO, Girls & Football SA and the CEO of Meet Anna, which focuses on human-based tech design. She is currently focusing on Beenova AI, an AI and EI infused learning platform to develop 21st century skills. Having spent her early childhood across Bangladesh and Senegal, Jos has launched various organizations, initiatives and movements to challenge inequality, to increase global access to accurate education and to drive diversity and inclusion. She strongly believes everyone deserves access to accurate education and strives to make this happen by integrating socially conscious content with the world’s most advanced tech platforms, and through workshops, training sessions and educational content. Jos works with global corporates, individuals and forward- thinking initiatives to bring this work to life.Jos is an experienced, international speaker who can meet audiences where they need to be met, with an ability to talk about the global grand challenges with easy. Her international upbringing and travel background makes her a vibrant, honest and inspiring speaker. BUSINESSJos has delivered two TEDx talks, founded an award-winning not-for-profit organization and runs a creative communications consultancy. Her drive to build equal societies has taken her around the world and she seeks to develop creative ways to share the world’s most beautiful and diverse stories with multicultural audiences. Jos has spent time in South Sudan and Eritrea with the United Nations and has led workshops and training sessions across Africa, the Middle East and North America.LOCATIONSJos works across London, Johannesburg, Dubai and New York with various global clients on creative communications through technology, creativity and education.EDTECHJos co-founded of Beenova AI, which challenges traditional education by leveraging AI, EI and phenomenon-based learning to develop lifelong, personalized learning journeys. Beenova AI leverages the latest NLP and recommendation algorithms to understand the emotional state of a student and deliver dynamic personalized content. Jos also co-launched mGirls, a mobile health app that delivered free daily health texts to over 65,00 girls in South Africa. Jos believes the creative use of technology is a crucial element in re-thinking education and believes the strategic use of technology combined with sensory-based learning and value-based learning can change the world.