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Jos Dirkx

Founder, Beenova AI
  • Location
    United Kingdom
  • Area of Expertise
    Artificial Intelligence, Purpose, Transformation, Exponential Thinking, Communities
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Jos Dirkx is a globally recognized media and communications advisor, acclaimed speaker, author and world traveler. Hailing from The Netherlands but born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Jos has called twelve countries home and explored nearly 100 more. Passionate about transformative storytelling through arts, unconventional content creation and innovative EdTech solutions, she's the visionary behind numerous impactful initiatives. Jos founded the award-winning NGO, Girls & Football SA and serves as the CEO of Meet Anna, a hub for human-centric tech design. She's currently dedicated to Beenova AI, an AI and EI integrated learning platform for nurturing 21st-century skills.Growing up in diverse locales like Bangladesh and Senegal, Jos ignited change through initiatives addressing inequality, global education accessibility and inclusion. Committed to equitable education, she expertly fuses socially conscious content with cutting-edge tech platforms to empower learners worldwide. A sought-after international speaker, Jos captivates audiences with her unique perspective on global challenges. Her experiences and international upbringing infuse her speeches with vitality, authenticity and inspiration.


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Cross-Cultural Awareness
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