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Jonathan Brill

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    Exponential Thinking, Leadership, Innovation, Exponential Thinking, Transformation
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Jonathan Brill is renowned as the Global Futurist at HP, where he spearheads the identification and assessment of potential opportunities and threats within the company's ten-year horizon. Drawing from two decades of experience in product innovation, he has established himself as a transformation architect, adept at navigating complex challenges with a blend of strategic foresight and technology innovation.Throughout his prolific career, Jonathan has nurtured growth pipelines for an array of clients, including iconic global brands, startups and institutions like the MIT Media Lab. His leadership has led to the development of over 325 products, generating an impressive $27 billion in new revenue. With a profound understanding of creating novel user experiences, he has designed interactive exhibits, retail spaces and virtual reality installations.As an engaging speaker and thought leader, Jonathan imparts insights on the industries of the future, natural user interfaces and innovative product strategies. He's also an enthusiast of the science of gustatory perception, consulting with top chefs to develop menus and even sharing his research on global platforms like TED. With a unique blend of forward-thinking vision and practical expertise, Jonathan Brill continues to shape the trajectory of technological innovation and business transformation.


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