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Jon Yeo

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    Communities, Computing, Leadership, Purpose, Wellbeing
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In the mid-90s, Jon Yeo embarked on his professional journey as a young engineer, emphasizing the significance of addressing the Y2K challenge to his CEO. As the driving force behind TEDxMelbourne, he ventured into unraveling the elements that prompt individuals to engage, rewind or abandon TED Talks. Through rigorous data analysis and a deep dive into the psychology of influence, Jon developed models grounded in fundamental principles, physics, biology and the ethos of simplicity epitomized by Einstein's quote: "Everything Should Be Made as Simple as Possible, But No Simpler."Jon's focus extends beyond storytelling mechanics to understanding the intricate art of influence. His exceptional ability to distill complexities into accessible concepts has garnered him recognition. He collaborates with CEOs and senior leaders, nurturing trust, empathy and engagement within their organizations. His impressive clientele includes Salesforce, SAP, National Australia Bank and Australia Post. Formerly serving as Chapter President of Professional Speakers Australia, Jon continues his mission to craft compelling narratives that transcend borders and resonate deeply with diverse audiences.


Speaking and Influencing in the Post COVID Era