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John Sanei

Futurist & Associate Partner Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies
  • Location
    South Africa
  • Area of Expertise
    Exponential Thinking, Foundational Concepts, Innovation, Purpose, Transformation
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John Sanei is a distinguished expert in the realm of futurism and innovation, renowned for his impactful keynotes, visionary strategies and transformative advisory services. Drawing from his extensive experience collaborating with forward-thinking organizations, John is committed to reshaping the narrative of an uncertain future. With a deep understanding of future work dynamics and leadership evolution, he assists companies in anticipating the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow. His guidance has enabled organizations to adapt to the changing landscape, harness artificial intelligence's potential, and cultivate agile and change-embracing cultures. Notable brands such as Coca-Cola, Mastercard and Oracle have entrusted John for his invaluable insights.As a prominent global expert at Singularity University, faculty member at Duke Corporate Education University and associate partner at the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies, John's influence spans academia and practical application. His multidisciplinary approach, weaving neuroscience, psychology, leadership and AI, paves the way for revolutionary transformations. As a 5-time bestselling author and co-host of The Expansive Podcast, John shares his wisdom with a wider audience, urging them to approach the future with curiosity, creativity and unwavering confidence.


Reimagining Organizational Possibilities
The Human AI Symphony: Orchestrating Value Creation for Today and Tomorrow