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Jaspreet Bindra

Founder - Tech Whisperer Ltd. | Ex-CDO Mahindra, Microsoft, TAS
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    Distributed Ledger Technology, Fintech, Artificial Intelligence, Transformation, Leadership
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Jaspreet Bindra boasts a remarkable twenty-four-year journey in business, featuring leadership roles in diverse consumer and enterprise domains, spanning global tech giants, Indian conglomerates and startups. Presently steering Digital Matters, he delivers insightful guidance and technological acumen in Blockchain, AI and Digital Transformation. Jaspreet is concurrently immersed in an innovative stealth blockchain startup focused on the Future of Work domain.His debut book, 'The Tech Whisperer: On Digital Transformation And The Technologies That Enable It', a Penguin Random House publication, has ascended as an Amazon and Kindle Bestseller, emerging as a pivotal reference in the field. Jaspreet also leads Singularity University in Gurgaon, India, while also serving as a reseller partner. With extensive experience in Blockchain, Digital Transformation and Technology, he's a sought-after speaker, advisor, educator and author, and his tech-centric column, "The Tech Whispers," graces Mint, a respected Indian business newspaper.Jaspreet's advisory roles extend to esteemed entities like ThoughtWorks, Findability Sciences, IDC, Mahindra Group, Blockchained India and various blockchain startups. Formerly, he held the role of SVP-Digital Transformation at the $20 billion Mahindra Group. His accomplishments include spearheading Microsoft's online platform and consumer business and co-founding Baazee (later EBAY India). He's a multiple-award recipient, including the Retail Platinum Award for Management Excellence at Microsoft and the Digitalist of the Year by SAP and Mint.


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