Jaspreet Bindra

Jaspreet has twenty four years of business and P&L leadership, digital transformation, and entrepreneurial experience across multiple consumer and enterprise businesses, with global tech majors, Indian business conglomerates and startups. He currently runs a company called Digital Matters, which provides thought leadership and technology expertise around Blockchain, AI and Digital Transformation. He's also working on a stealth blockchain startup in the Future of Work space. His first book, 'The Tech Whisperer: On Digital Transformation And The Technologies That Enable It', published by Penguin Random House, is an Amazon and Kindle Bestseller, and emerging as a reference book in this space. He is the Chapter Leader for Singularity University in Gurgaon, India; and also a reseller partner for them, and the process for being selected as a global expert for Singularity. In addition to Blockchain and Digital Transformation work, he speaks, advises, teaches and writes on these subjects. He has a column on Future of Technology, called The Tech Whispers, in Mint, India's most respected business newspaper, and regarded as the leading speaker on technology, Blockchain, Future of Work and Digital Transformation in India. He holds several Advisory Board and Advisory Positions: with ThoughtWorks, Findability Sciences, IDC, Mahindra Group, Blockchained India and a host of blockchain startups. Until recently, he was the SVP- Digital Transformation, equivalent to the Chief Digital Officer, for the $20bn Mahindra Group. He led the online platform business and consumer business of Microsoft, was selected through TAS by the Tata Group, and was a part of the founding team of Baazee (later EBAY India). He have established businesses from scratch, set-up teams, systems, technology and operations, led businesses and teams, substantially scaled each business in terms of revenue and headcount; and turned around businesses to profitability At Microsoft, He was awarded the Retail Platinum Award for Management Excellence, the single highest recognition in Retail in Microsoft globally; recognised as a Global High Potential Employee; and was recognized as among ‘The Top 25 Young Managers in India’ by Business Today, India’s largest Business Magazine. and was also awarded the inaugural Digitalist of the Year by SAP and Mint.

Speaking Topics

The Holy Trinity of Digital Transformation

As disruptions like COVID slow down the world, yet accelerate change, digital transformation of traditional businesses become seven more of an imperative. Businesses with digital business models thrived during the pandemic, physical only businesses declined. DigitalTransformation (DX) is an old ‘buzzword’ and means different things to different people – about technology, culture, business models, etc.This session will explain what DX means for large, successful, traditional enterprises, why is it necessary, how it is different from digitization, and who needs to own it and lead it. It will then talk about the Holy Trinity; the three compulsory things organisations need to address for their DX and explain with case studies as to how this was done. Finally, it will talk about how exponential technologies can help make DX happen.Most of the content and learnings in the session come from my decade of work in digital transformation as a practitioner (Chief Digital Officer), and so participants will go beyond the knowledge and awareness to how to begin, what to expect and what changes need to be done to make DX happen.

The Immune Organisation: Future Proofing Organisations From COVID-like Disruptions

COVID has been a great Paradox : it has slowed down the world, yet accelerated change. Vaccines have been the miracle that have helped the world emerge out of this massive disruption. However, vaccines do not cure a disease but teach it to produce the right antibodies and give it immunity- if the disease strikes again, the body has the right defences to resist it and win. This session explores how we can learn from COVID and vaccines and produce the right ‘antibodies’ in our organisations today, so as to make our company immune from external disruption, and thus build ‘the immune organisation’.The session identifies seven such strategic ‘antibodies’ that we need to develop – around business models, technologies, digital, culture, etc; how to build them, and then how these would help our companies survive and thrive in this increasingly uncertain world – of pandemics, wars, and global warming related catastrophes.The session also draws on Nassim Taleb’s work on Black Swans and Antifragility and explains how the participants can use these seven ‘antibodies’ to build an immune, antifragile organisation. The session also has an interesting dose of JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, to make it more interesting!

Web3, Metaverse and the Creative Economy

Are Web3, the Metaverse, and NFTs the new buzzwords on the block, or is there real substance there? Do they have implications on our lives? And on our businesses? This session starts with explaining these terms and what they mean. It traces the evolution from Web1to Web3 and how each one of them has spawned businesses and inspired tectonic life changes. We look at the metaverse and Web3 through five different lenses, and eventually discuss how these imply a business model change for most companies and industries, as well as how they will change our personal lives and relationships. We discuss how Web3, and its features are heralding the Creative or Passion Economy, and how that has the potential to change everything and become the real Future of Work. The session then delves into some practical ways that those individuals and organisation can learn and use some of these both for their personal growth as well as for their organisations. Interspersed in the session are references and conversations about blockchain, data and the economic philosophies behind these changes.

Blockchain – The Technology and The Philosophy

Is Blockchain a fundamental world-shaping technology, or just a lot of hype masquerading as one? This session demystifies blockchain through some very easy to understand analogies, talks about the kind of blockchains, tokens, and explains its relationship with cryptocurrency. We then move on to some blockchain use cases – at an enterprise, country, and planetary level. What is as or more interesting is the philosophy behind blockchain – the circumstances of its birth, how it is a decentralising and democratizing force, and how it is Left of Centre in its outlook. We look at both a practical and an idealist view of blockchain, and how it can perhaps help shape a better world. Through this session, participants will understand what the blockchain really is, what it can do for them and their businesses, and how it can shape the world to come through its decentralising and distributing philosophy.

How Blockchain can transform India