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James Ehrlich

Director Compassionate Sustainability, Stanford University School of Medicine/CCARE - Founder, ReGen Villages Holding
  • Location
    United States
  • Area of Expertise
    Artificial Intelligence, Energy Technology, Robotics, Purpose, Innovation
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James Ehrlich is the visionary Founder of ReGen Villages, a pioneering company born from Stanford University, focused on creating self-sustaining and resilient communities for the future. These communities prioritize vital elements such as organic food, clean water, renewable energy and circular nutrition on a neighborhood scale. Ehrlich also holds key roles, including Entrepreneur in Residence at Stanford University School of Medicine's Flourishing Project, Faculty at Singularity University, Senior Fellow at NASA Ames Research Center and former White House Appointee for Regenerative Infrastructure during the Obama administration.In 2016, Ehrlich established ReGen Villages as a European Union-based impact-profit venture. Its unique VillageOS™ operating system employs AI and machine learning to conceptualize, design and autonomously manage regenerative neighborhoods. These innovative communities aim to foster well-being for residents and surrounding areas. Collaborating with industrial partners, universities, governments and financial institutions, Ehrlich envisions global replication of ReGen Villages, contributing to a green post-COVID transition.


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