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Jack Sim

Founder, World Toilet Organization
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    Purpose, Communities, Global Grand Challenges, Impact
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Jack Sim stands at the confluence of numerous transformative journeys. He traversed the trajectory from growing up in a third-world context to witnessing the unfolding of the first-world realities from 1957 onwards. His personal evolution saw him progress from a school dropout to assuming pivotal roles such as Adjunct Associate Professor at NUS, Teacher at Singularity University, and Social Entrepreneur-in-Residence at INSEAD Asia Campus.Transitioning from a commercial businessman with 16 ventures to a dedicated social entrepreneur, Sim's journey has been marked by a shift from local advocacy to global systemic change-making. His path led him from confronting bureaucratic challenges to achieving a Master's in Public Administration, signifying a comprehensive growth in his expertise and influence. A defining juncture emerged when he shifted from a Luddite stance to earning his graduation stripes from Singularity University's Global Solutions Program.Jack Sim, widely known as "Mr. Toilet," established the World Toilet Organization and the BoP HUB, elevating himself as a prominent global advocate for sanitation. Emerging from a background in construction, Sim founded the World Toilet Organization in 2001 after achieving financial independence, dedicating the rest of his life to impactful social work. His instrumental role led to the establishment of UN World Toilet Day on November 19, a day of global awareness and action to address the critical sanitation crisis.Acknowledged as an Ashoka Global Fellow and recipient of the Schwab Foundation Social Entrepreneur award, Sim's influence transcends borders. With his distinctive blend of humor and factual insights, he shattered taboos surrounding sanitation and brought this critical issue to the forefront.


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