Ja-Nae Duane

Singularity Expert: Impact, Entrepreneurship, Disruption

For over 20 years, Ja-Naé Duane dedicated herself to one mission: Make life better for one billion people. This award-winning innovator and expert on global networks focuses on revolutionary ideas and develops programs that impact individuals and our world. Ja-Naé focuses her passion by educating and empowering entrepreneurs, executives, educators, and global changemakers at the intersection of global impact, technology, and the future. Currently, she leads the charge at The Revolution Factory, a global network creating innovation ecosystems in corporations, governments, and universities.

Ja-Nae guides companies forward, helping them get out of their own way to create exponential innovation and future forecasting. She has had the pleasure of working with companies such as PWC, Samsonite, Constant Contact, Natixis, John Hancock, and AIG.  A top-rated speaker within the Singularity University community, Ja-Nae is a certified instructor and faculty member at Singularity University, where she led the curriculum redesign of the Global Startup Program.  Continually helping others push the boundaries, this author of the bestseller, “The Startup Equation,” excels at advising startups because she understands from personal experience what it means to scale a global organization.

Over the years, her work has caught the attention of The Associated Press, NPR, The Boston Globe, and BusinessWeek. Ja-Nae holds degrees from Brown University, I.E. Business School, Northeastern University, Carnegie University, and Boston University. Currently, Ja-Nae is a Ph.D. candidate focusing her research on the future of information systems.