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Eduardo Ibrahim

Autor, Best Seller: Economia Exponencial
  • Location
    Brazil + United States
  • Area of Expertise
    Economics, Artificial Intelligence
  • Type

Eduardo Ibrahim has a singular background, combining software engineering and behavioral finance in such a way as to enable him to design computational economic models that unifies artificial intelligence techniques and Nobel Prize's theories of behavioral economics.His use of exponential technologies and behavior science aim to implement complex adaptive systems, based on human's interactions in real-time. By using deep learning and different approaches of behavior data collection, including sensors and gamification, these models allow economic sustainability for industries and satisfaction for consumers simultaneously.

He has left an executive career at the Brazilian largest company, after being ranked #1 in the national public selection. He created an artificial intelligence company in Silicon Valley and a consulting firm to help startups and organizations to use exponential technologies, joining Singularity University.

For him, economics, artificial intelligence and behavioral science are very much connected and now can fill together the informational gap in the economic models of the industrial era, thus creating a new economic orchestration based on cloud computing to move us towards an economy of abundance.Some of his provocative presentations show us:

• Why can't economists be futurists?

• Why should we disagree with Nobel Prize winners?

• What is the psychology of stupidity and how to avoid it?• How machines will expand human boundaries of rationality?

• How to move from the economic models of scarcity towards abundance?

He believes that machine learning will make machines more intelligent and less biased than us, rebuilding the economy and the world as we know it. He showed a bit of it in his TEDx talk.


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