Dr. Christianna Taylor

Dr. Christianna Taylor focuses on Leadership through Strategy and Technology with applications in space, AI, and 3D Printing. She currently serves as the Chief Technology Officer at Gantri. This technology platform leverages 3D printing technology to develop modern design lighting selling directly to the consumers.Prior to this, she started Intelligent Space in 2016 after attending Singularity University as a Global Impact Challenge winner. Previously she worked as a Concurrent Engineer abroad, as a Systems Engineer for small satellites at  Microcosm in Southern California, at NASA JPL as a GSRP Fellow, and served on the AIAA Los Angeles-Las Vegas Chapter as the Event Coordinator, and was a Global Scholar with the Kauffman Foundation. She advises multiple companies in the New Space startup community.When she’s not 3D printing something or working at the intersection of space and AI, she enjoys traveling, reading, and finding exciting challenges. Her earliest memory of space is watching Haley’s comet with her Mom. Her latest is probably watching Star Trek and arguing with her friends if it’s possible.

Speaking Topics

Creating your “Space” Strategy

Do you have a Space strategy? Are you aware you can have a space strategy? In this hands-on workshop, we will first focus on the history of technology infusions and how they have adjusted our thinking. We will then move on to how we can apply this same thinking to utilizing, accessing, and being a part of the “New Space”movement. Afterward, we will walk through the evolution of technology systems and the availability of current space data. Finally, we will brainstorm a way for you to utilize the ever-changing space data for your own business needs in small groups. There is so much readily available data that you are probably not aware of in this day and age, so we will walk through what is available and how you can utilize it for your own personal use.

Contribute to the next generation of Space by Dr. Christianna Taylor

Access to space has dramatically increased in the past ten years. We could see tourism, short-term and long-term living, and exploration in the next10-15 years. It does not matter what your business is, you have the opportunity to contribute in a meaningful way. The first part of this lecture will work through how your business is applicable. The second part will focus on how you could imagine your own business contributing to space. We will cover how to test and transform your business innovations into real-world contributions to the coming space transformation.

Are you a Leader Worth Following?

Plenty of information is available on how to be a leader, butrarely do we have the conversation evaluating if you are actually worth following. In thishour-long keynote, you will learn how to assess your internal work while adapting to theexternal factors that necessitate you to adjust your leadership style. There are manyexamples of leadership that center and emulate one centralized model applied to any andevery group. This does not necessarily reflect those you are trying to lead - simply put,there are other ways to lead that are just as effective and necessary to supplement whatwe see every day. I want you to enable, prove, and remain a leader in your organization topush through the plateau in your leadership journey. Leadership style is individual andpersonal which may differ from the norm, while being worthy of leadership is external,social, and fluid. Let’s have a conversation and explore these aspects.