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Daniel Hulme

  • Location
    United Kingdom
  • Area of Expertise
    Artificial Intelligence
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Daniel Hulme (PhD) is a globally recognised expert in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and investor in Emerging Technologies. He's the CEO of Satalia, an award-winning company that provides AI products and solutions for global companies. Satalia joined the world's largest marketing company in 2021, WPP, where Daniel is now the Chief AI Officer; helping define, identify, curate and promote AI capability and new opportunities for the benefit of the wider group and society. Daniel has been recognised as one of the top 10 Chief AI Officers globally.

With over 25 years academic experience with AI, Daniel received his Masters and Doctorate in AI at UCL. He was previously Director of UCL’s Applied AI MSc (Business Analytics), where he is now UCL’s Computer Science Entrepreneur-in-Residence and a lecturer at LSE's Marshall Institute, focused on using AI to solve business and social problems. Daniel is also an Impact Board Member of St Andrew’s University Computer Science department.

Passionate about how technology can be used to govern organisations and bring positive social impact, Daniel is a popular keynote speaker specialising in the topics of AI, ethics, metaverse, emerging technology, innovation, decentralization and organisational design. He is a serial speaker for Google and TEDx, holds an international Kauffman Global Entrepreneur Scholarship, and is a faculty member of Singularity University.

Daniel is a contributor to numerous books, podcasts and articles on AI and the future of work. His mission is to create a world where everyone has the freedom to spawn and contribute to innovations, and have those innovations become free to everyone. He has advisory and executive positions across companies and governments, and actively promotes purposeful entrepreneurship and technology innovation across the globe.

Topics addressed:

There's much misunderstanding about AI. What is AI? Is AI a buzzword, or is it here to stay? And why?

What are the possible and actual uses of AI?

What are the different kinds of AI, and their strengths and weaknesses?

What are the biggest mistakes you see companies and governments making when approaching using AI?

How to identify and prioritise AI opportunities?

How can AI and people work together most effectively?

How will Generative AI technologies impact business and society?

What will be the long term impact of AI on society?

What are the main safety and ethical concerns/considerations with respect to AI?

What regulations do organisations need to be aware of?


Rethinking AI and its impact on Business and Humanity