Corey Glickman

Virtual Reality, Smart Cities, Leadership, Internet of Things, Future of Work, Facilitator, Exponential Thinking, Disruption, Design Thinking, Customer Experience, Crowdsourcing, Corporate Innovation, Augmented Reality

Named among the top 100 influential designers of the decade by AIGA, Corey leads the Strategic Design Consulting group and the Smart Spaces Practice at Infosys. He has 35 years of experience in industry & consulting providing technology & business leadership experience in strategic design thinking, applied systems design, IoT solutions, sustainability solutions, digital twins, extreme engineering, digital transformation, customer experience strategy, and the use of visualization applied innovation products, processes, and services technology development. He is a frequent guest lecturer and adjunct professor at Harvard, MIT, Stanford, La Fontaine, Illinois Institute of Technology Universities on design and engineering. He is an adjunct professor at Le Fontaine in France, Illinois Institute of Technology, and Carnegie Mellon Universities. He is an advisor to the Pentagon, DoD, US Navy and US Army,