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Christina Gerakiteys

Innovation and Culture Strategist
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    Exponential Thinking, Foundational Concepts, Innovation, Purpose, Artificial Intelligence
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Christina Gerakiteys is the Co-CEO of SingularityU Australia, recognized for her role as a dynamic catalyst for change. She possesses a remarkable ability to transform the seemingly impossible into achievable realities, firmly believing in the boundless potential of humanity. Christina's mission revolves around inspiring and empowering leaders to tackle humanity's most significant challenges. Through her work, she strives to awaken minds and hearts to the promises that exponential technologies hold for humanity.Following her participation in the Executive Program at SingularityU (NASA Ames, Silicon Valley), Christina initiated Australia's inaugural SingularityU Chapter (SUAU) in April 2018. The success of SUAU has seen the launch of the SUAU Global Impact Challenge and the SUAU Summit, solidifying its position as the 8th Country Partner of Singularity University on a global scale. As a fully accredited SU Faculty member, Christina contributes extensively to SingularityU.An accomplished keynote speaker, Christina's engaging style, depth of expertise and sincere dedication to positive impact have made her highly sought after. Her influence extends across various platforms, including the SingularityU Australia Summit, Vivid Ideas, Creative Innovation Conference and the Inspiring Women Leaders Digital Conference in Madrid. Additionally, she orchestrates the annual Hunter Innovation Festival and shapes corporate innovation programs through her venture, UtopiaX, while being a prominent voice on business-related radio programs. Her commitment to fostering innovation and change remains a driving force in her journey.


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