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Christian Kuhn

Digital Experience Desiger
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    Artificial Intelligence, Innovation, Communities, Governance
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Christian Kuhn is a seasoned Principal specializing in Digital Health Experience Design, User Research and Behavior Design. With roles spanning Consultant, Coach, Speaker and Author, he boasts over two decades of expertise in exploring how technology reshapes user needs and behaviors.In 2017, Christian's impact was evident as he spearheaded the establishment and expansion of the European unit for a medical artificial intelligence startup, Gyant.com, based in San Francisco. Presently, he's a driving force in the realms of Start-ups, international Pharma and Med Tech collaborations, where his multifaceted role encompasses Experience Consultation, Research, Coaching and Management.Christian's commitment to understanding the intersection of technology and human interaction sets him apart. His extensive experience fuels his prowess in shaping impactful user experiences, while his insights as an Author and Speaker enrich the field. With an impressive track record, Christian Kuhn continues to contribute significantly to the evolution of digital health and user-centric technologies.


UX - CX - CXM: User and Customer Experience - Principles and Application Examples
UX, Persuasive System Design and Behavior Design for Digital Health Applications
Workshop: Behavior Change Design - A Practical Approach to Achieving Health Outcomes with Digital Products (4h)
Workshop: Using Behavior Science in UX Design to Support Patients