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Christian Graf von Reventlow

Professor, Cal Poly
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    Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Governance, Mixed Reality, Quantum Technology
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Christian von Reventlow, a seasoned global executive, specializes in orchestrating business transformation through customer-centric strategies, technology vision, and workforce engagement. Renowned for his thought leadership in Digitization, 5G and Cloud/Edge computing, he frequently addresses international conferences and authored "The Digital Shift: Design’s New Role as AI Transforms into Personal Intelligence." His significant impact spans leading roles at major enterprises, including his Group Executive position at Telstra, where he shifted the consumer business from price to value competition, driving financial improvement. Formerly, as Chief Product & Innovation Officer at Deutsche Telekom AG, he instigated a culture of innovation, deploying cutting-edge technologies like AI, AR, IoT and digital twins. An MIT case study lauds his transformative leadership and insights.Christian's 25-year career features executive assignments at Intel, Avaya and Tenovis. He invented Europe's first cloud service in 2001. Armed with a Doctorate of Electrical Engineering from the Technical University Berlin and a Master of Physics from Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Christian envisions technology as a tool for positive global impact when applied with human and environmental considerations. His current role as Group Executive for Products and Technology at Telstra showcases his dedication to innovation-driven organizational change.


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