Dr. Christian Graf von Reventlow

Guest Speaker: Corporate Innovation

A true global executive, Christian von Reventlow has built a career leveraging customer intimacy, technology vision and implementation, and workforce engagement to accelerate value creation. Recognized as a thought leader in transforming businesses through Digitization, 5G and Cloud/Edge computing, he is a frequent speaker at international conferences and the author of The Digital Shift: Design’ s new role as AI transforms into Personal Intelligence.Most recently Christian served as Group Executive, Products & Technology at Telstra, Australia’s leading telco enterprise, where he led a major repositioning of the consumer business from competing on price to competing on value, driving immediate improvement in financial performance.Previously, as Chief Product & Innovation Officer, Deutsche Telekom AG, Christian led a transformation of core processes to establish an innovation mindset/ infrastructure and drive enterprise- wide deployment of the latest digital technologies such as AI, AR, Io T, digital twins, and edge computing. An independent 2018 case study by the MIT Center for Information Research details his success in leading “… the key changes that Deutsche Telekom made in prioritizing, funding, and governing innovation projects.” More broadly, the study found that DT’s transformation initiative “… offers important insights for any organization keen to strengthen its culture of innovation.”Christian’s prior career spans two and a half decades of leadership assignments at global technology companies, including: at Intel, introducing a software development approach into a culture with a hardware mindset, and delivering the company’s fastest chip project ever; at Avaya , leading the Next Generation Products business and growing revenues from $ 300 M to $ 550 M; and at Tenovis , leading the Enterprise business and increasing ROI by 800 %. He invented the cloud in Europe - launching the first ever cloud service in 2001.Christian has a Doctor of Electrical Engineering degree from the Technical University Berlin, and a Master of Physics degree from Ruhruniversitaet Bochum.