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Catherine Molloy

Principal CEO @ Auspac Business Advantage
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    Artificial Intelligence, Exponential Thinking, Leadership, Purpose
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Catherine Molloy is a globally acclaimed Speaker and Communication Expert, specializing in leadership, sales and service. With a rich 25-year background in business, training and facilitation, she excels in creating engaging learning environments through powerful communication techniques. Catherine's mastery in communication and body language psychology has established her as a Communication Master. Holding a Masters Degree in Neuro-linguistic Programming and qualifications in Business, Leadership & Management, along with being a qualified DISC accredited consultant, Catherine's impact spans across diverse domains.Her global influence encompasses business growth, customer service and leadership, unified by the central tool of communication for success. Catherine crafted the conscious connection framework, informed by over three decades of body language and behavioral study. Her achievements include national sales triumphs in the 1980s and thriving in real estate entrepreneurship. Presently, she heads a successful international soft-skill training company based in Australia, with recent recognition as an International Sales and Leadership awardee.Catherine's authored works, such as "The Million Dollar Handshake" and "The Conscious Leader," underscore her prowess. As a "CSP Certified Speaking Professional" and Global Goodwill Ambassador, she champions charitable causes. Her academic excellence includes a Masters of Leadership and being in the top 15% of academics. Embodying simplicity in complexity, Catherine empowers individuals with transformative tools for lasting change.


Language for Leadership
Selling Smarter: The Art of Sales