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Bill O'Connor

Co-Founder/CEO,InnoVista.io (Ex-Innovation @ AutoDesk)
  • Location
    United States
  • Area of Expertise
    Artificial Intelligence, Computing, Innovation, Leadership
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Bill O’Connor, the visionary Founder of THE INNOVATION AGENCY, a sought-after innovation consultancy nestled in the heart of San Francisco and Silicon Valley, is also a distinguished faculty member at Singularity University. With an illustrious decade of experience, he has orchestrated over 600 innovation engagements involving 250+ corporations from across 50+ nations. His transformative impact has reached 8,000+ professionals, 4,000+ executives and C-level leaders, and an impressive lineup of 25+ CEOs.Having left an indelible mark on industry titans like Google, Apple, Tesla and Facebook, Bill's reach extends far and wide. His influence has been felt by diverse entities including the U.S. Department of Defense and the World Bank, elevating innovation mindsets, toolsets and skill sets. Noteworthy publications like The Economist, Forbes, Fast Company and MIT Press Innovations journal have showcased his work. Bill's commitment to knowledge dissemination takes him to esteemed institutions like Stanford, Oxford and Wharton, where he contributes through research, keynote speeches and workshops.In a remarkable endeavor, Bill's team collaborates with the Nobel Foundation in Stockholm, unraveling the innovation processes of Nobel Prize winners through 11 enlightening Laureate interviews. Beyond his consultancy work, he guides disruptive startups as a member of their advisory boards. And nestled in the mountains north of San Francisco, Bill resides with his wife Andrea and his dog Zinzino.


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