Anuraj Gambhir

Singularity Expert: Innovation, IOT, Future of Work

Anuraj Gambhir is an internationally recognized Exponential Thought Leader, Strategic Business/Startup Advisor, Technology Visionary and Innovation Evangelist. He is also  an Innovation Evangelist, Business Strategist on the outside and Altruist, Philosopher on the inside, and a million things in between. Focussed on shaping the Future of Humanity from ‘Mindset to Heartset,’ Anuraj helps businesses transition into becoming innovative organizations. He is a Trans-disciplinary expert. His practical knowledge spans across executive management, innovation, entrepreneurship, education and leadership, disruptive technologies, design thinking and holistic wellbeing. 

As an Innovation catalyst Anuraj assists organizations to spearhead their innovation agenda. He has over 27 years’ experience working across the mobile ecosystem spanning 5 continents. A few prominent companies he has worked for include: NASA/JPL, Optus, Logica/Aethos, T-Mobile, Orange, GSM Association, Sharp, Siemens, Spice, Ericsson, MTS, Globacom. He has been appointed to the Global Singularity Expert, with Singularity University. Anuraj has worked from hands-on technical roles to senior executive management positions (holding titles from Chief Dreamer to President / Group Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer). He is well regarded as an industry visionary and deeply valued for his cross-domain thought leadership.‘Simplexity’ (a term he coined) is the essence of his work in curating relevant ecosystems, embracing digital disruption, designing compelling solutions and delightful end user experiences. Leading Strategic Planning, Vision & Advisory, Technology Marketing, New Business/Product Development, Industry-Academia Collaboration, Innovation Management from ‘mind-to-market’ & ‘ideas-to-impact’. 

He has spearheaded several innovations in the advanced as well as grass-root level mobile domain in mature and emerging markets. He steers his efforts on deep value creation via strategic business development, cross-industry collaboration and nurturing breakthrough concepts using holistic design thinking leading to disruptive/radical innovation. His focus on exponential technology applications include emerging smart devices/hardware with a strong emphasis on Wearable-tech, IoT, AI, multimedia convergence, 3D Visualization, mEducation, mHealth, HNI (Human-Nature Interface) and seamless access as a part of the connected world. NeuroTech and ‘Technology meets Spirituality’ are amongst his passion areas. He is a valued advisory board member of several organizations globally, mentoring various Tech start-ups, guiding and leading innovation projects with both small & large organizations along with teaching as adjunct Singularity Expert, with various global Business Schools (subjects ranging from Entrepreneurship, Strategic Innovation, Social Entrepreneurship, Growing Global to Business Disruptive Technologies).

Pushing the limits and living to make a difference, Anuraj aspires to develop solutions that make a difference in under-privileged communities around the world by humanizing technology – transforming digital divides to massive opportunities. He likes to push the limits of technology application and drive game changing innovation.

Speaking Topics

Embracing emerging Mega-Trends & New Paradigms

At the intersection & fusion of exponential technologies and market/industry trends there are numerous emerging applications that are rapidly shaping the modern world.At the confluence of tech like IoT, AI, AR/VR-MR/XR, Blockchain and 5G (& beyond) we are witnessing a maturing fourth industrial revolution and a new world order beingformed. It all comes down to meaningful innovative applications that are enabling humanity to cross the chasm in multiple domains from education to healthcare. We shallexplore several examples, key learnings from the past & present / insights leading to some potential future scenarios/ foresights where innovation meets entrepreneurship.

There will be an inno-tech showcase with select demos of disruptive tech.

Target audience: CXOs, Innovation teams, mid-senior management

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding mega-trends
  • Exponential tech and several examples customized for addressable audience with hands-on showcase and immersive tinkering

Exponential Consciousness - from Self-Help Health to Heart Coherence

At the intersection of tech with spirituality & holistic wellness we are at a redefining moment to elevate humanity from 'mindset to heartset' and transform AI fromAugmented to Awakened Intelligence. We will explore quantification of body, mind and spirit with disruptive wearable-tech solutions and how these are enabling keyaspects of thriving in the 21st century. Stress, Anxiety, Fatigue & Depression are rising beyond 'pandemic' proportions and time has come to apply the power of tech withthe fusion of compelling ideas, use-cases and user-scenarios across multiple domains and fast-track the journey to meaningful impact. We need to raise the chi/energy tostrive ahead so we can transform massive data to knowledge that can subsequently transcend to wisdom and help rediscover our 'Bliss Mode'.

Target audience: General, Senior Management - CXOs, Wellness dept. / HR,

Key Takeaways:

  • Key exponential tech that is shaping the future of Holistic Well-being
  • A hands-on some of the latest tools and devices enabling self-help health / wellness
  • A direct impact on productivity/creativity by getting in the flow states, quantified self giving valuable metrics to address

The Future is Wear-to-Able

Exponential Tech is enabling access to more affordable and accessible solutions for us to take charge of our holistic well-being to become happier, healthier andmore spiritually connected, allowing us to live more meaningful lives as we transcend from ‘Sickcare’ to ‘True Healthcare’ or ‘Well-care’. Come join the movementto transform people by embracing this new world order of Wear-to-Able that encompasses the future of Wearable-tech and deeper explorations of NeuroTech.

Showcase and select (live) demonstration of tech that is democratized at our finger-tips, our palm, our wrist, our forehead that is augmenting humanity.

Target audience: General, Senior Management - CXOs, Wellness dept. / HR

Key Takeaways:

  • Key exponential tech that is shaping the future of Holistic Well-being
  • A hands-on some of the latest tools and devices enabling self-help health / wellness
  • A direct impact on productivity/creativity by getting in the flow states, quantified self giving valuable metrics to address

Wise Futures where Exponential Technology intersects Spirituality - rediscovering our BLISS mode!

From Wise Mirroring our world to applying WellTech there are tremendous opportunities to enhance human potential and create meaningful impact.

"In reflecting deeply on the world and harnessing the power of WellTech, he sees vast avenues open up for amplifying human capability and fostering impactful changes. Through the lens of conscious leadership, Exponential Tech offers individuals more affordable and accessible tools to oversee their comprehensive well-being. This empowers them not only to be happier and healthier but also to connect on a profound spiritual level, guiding their journey from mere 'Sickcare' to genuine 'Healthcare' or 'Well-care'. He extends an invitation to everyone to be part of this transformative wave, welcoming a paradigm of Wear-to-Able, bridging the promises of Wearable-tech and the profound depths of NeuroTech." See:

Key Takeaways:

  • Enhancing human potential with wise tech applications
  • Learnings from Blue Zones, Biophillia, Sacred Sites and the domains Wise Mirror brings to positively elevate our life, work and overall potential
  • A creative nudge to co-create our own Bliss Mode and being self transformation that can deeply impact the broader organization and our world


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