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Anuraj Gambhir

Anuraj Gambhir, an internationally renowned Exponential Thought Leader, blends strategic business acumen with altruistic philosophy, shaping humanity's evolution from "Mindset to Heartset." With a 30-year journey spanning five continents in the mobile ecosystem, he collaborates with giants like NASA/JPL and T-Mobile, cementing his reputation.
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    Artificial Intelligence, Biotechnology, Foundational Concepts, Innovation, Mixed Reality
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Anuraj Gambhir is an internationally acclaimed Exponential Thought Leader, Strategic Business/Startup Advisor, Technology Visionary, and Innovation Evangelist. With a dynamic persona encompassing a Business Strategist's acumen and an Altruistic Philosopher's depth, he dedicates himself to molding humanity's future from "Mindset to Heartset." Anuraj's transformative journey spans over three decades, traversing five continents within the mobile ecosystem. His impactful collaborations with industry giants like NASA/JPL, Optus, and T-Mobile have solidified his reputation.As an Innovation Catalyst and Transdisciplinary Expert, Anuraj empowers enterprises to embrace innovation through exponential technologies. His extensive practical knowledge encompasses executive management, entrepreneurship, disruptive technologies, design thinking, and holistic well-being. At the forefront of smartphone design and development, he has played an instrumental role in revolutionizing mobile technology.Guided by an intersection of technology and spirituality, Anuraj explores emerging domains like NeuroTech and the fusion of spirituality and tech. He holds advisory roles globally, mentors startups, and shares his wisdom as adjunct faculty at prestigious Business Schools. With an unwavering commitment to inclusivity, he champions the "Wise Mirror" philosophy, aligned with UN SDGs, to bridge digital divides and transform them into opportunities. Anuraj Gambhir's trajectory exemplifies his dedication to pushing the boundaries of technology's potential and its power to create positive change.


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