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Andrew Hessel

Advisor & Co-founder, Humane Genomics Inc.
  • Location
    United States
  • Area of Expertise
    Biotechnology, Governance
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Andrew Hessel is a distinguished figure in the realm of genomics and synthetic biology, making transformative strides in advancing human and animal health through cutting-edge innovations. As the President of Humane Genomics, he leads an early-stage venture committed to the development of synthetic viruses with profound implications for health and wellbeing. With an unwavering commitment to scientific progress, Andrew is the Co-founder and Chairman of the Center of Excellence for Engineering Biology, a pioneering institution that catalyzes breakthroughs in the manipulation of biological systems.Moreover, Andrew's influence extends to the Genome Project-write, an international scientific initiative that aims to engineer extensive genomes, including the intricate human genome. This colossal undertaking is a testament to his dedication to pushing the boundaries of scientific achievement for the betterment of humanity.Having held the position of Distinguished Research Scientist at Autodesk Life Sciences, Andrew Hessel is renowned for his expertise in harnessing computational tools to navigate the complexities of life sciences. His overarching goal is to facilitate a deeper understanding of living systems, enabling humanity to leverage these intricate mechanisms to fulfill our diverse needs. Through his multifaceted contributions, Andrew Hessel continues to redefine the possibilities of synthetic biology and genomics, propelling us toward a future shaped by innovative solutions that resonate across health, science, and society.


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Human Genome Editing, Genome Synthesis, and Cloning
The Future of Life on Earth and Beyond