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The deadline for submission is April 18th, 2022.

Hello and thank you for your interest in making content with us!

Spark Live is where we produce all our live and recorded content for organizations. We cover a wide range of narrative themes each quarter so be on the lookout for areas that interest you. For Q2 2022, our narrative theme is "Convergence and Divergence."

Once again, our quarterly focus is a dichotomy between two concepts, this time convergence and divergence. Convergence is a staple of Singularity’s history. In this context it describes how the democratization (and the increased accessibility) of exponential technologies, causes different technologies to start intersecting with one another. Think about what is currently happening in Web3 bringing together decentralized ledger technologies, internet technologies, and cybersecurity technologies. Convergence, in this context, can also mean that organizations that traditionally operate in one industry can make waves in another, thus converging industries.

Read the full CFC brief here.

If you want to propose content, please fill out the submission form at the bottom of this page. If you have any questions please reach out to

We look forward to hearing from you!

Content Formats:

Expert-Led Webinar

Length: 45 min + 20 Min Q&A

Live & Recorded for Content Library

Due to our global audience, we will expect you to deliver the session twice, to accommodate different time zones.

A proposal should comprise of a 250 word (max) summary for a webinar that includes:

  • An outline of the webinar’s connection to this month’s narrative
  • The learning outcomes for the session
  • What participants will know and be able to do after they’ve participated in a session. Can also encompass the experience you want them to have, e.g., “transformative,” “inspiring” etc.
  • Active learning elements
  • The opportunity for participants to interact with the facilitator and one another. And the construction of activities that enable participants to meaningfully practice the application of the content during the session.


If you’re new to SU, please include a short bio (100 words max). The deadline for proposals is April 18th, 2022 at midnight PST. Accepted proposals will hear back within one week from the deadline. Please note this is a paid opportunity and more details can be found in the full CfC brief. If accepted, the next steps are:

  • Partner and SU schedule session
  • Finalize Contract & Payment Terms
  • Partner provides a detailed overview of the session
  • Partner provides marketing information (bios + summaries)
  • Partner and SU set a timeline for delivery

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Looking for our General Expert Application?

We are always on the lookout for the best of the best. We are seeking Experts in exponential technologies and innovation who exhibit enthusiasm and curiosity for the future, who value an abundance mindset, and who can link their unique perspective to the bold future we envision. We seek industry experts, technology experts, and social impact experts to engage the global Singularity ecosystem.

At the present time, our greatest need is for Experts with demonstrable knowledge in these areas: economics, impact of technology on social media and public opinion, governance and politics, as well as the future of humans and technology.

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