Join the "SU Kyoto Xtrepreneur Mesh up" Event - A Fascinating Journey into Solving Water Global Challenge!

Are you ready to explore the innovative endeavors of Kyoto's remarkable entrepreneurs? Look no further! We invite you to the captivating "SU Kyoto Xtrepreneur Mesh up" event, taking place every third Saturday of the month in the vibrant city of Kyoto, Japan.

This month, our focus is on the Global Grand Challenge of water, the essence of life itself. Did you know that although water covers 70% of the Earth, only a tiny fraction is accessible fresh water? Shockingly, 25% of the world's population lacks access to safe drinking water even in today's modern age.

But fear not! Sunda Technology Global, a pioneering company based right here in Kyoto, is tackling this challenge head-on. They are revolutionizing access to safe water in Uganda through their groundbreaking "well management system" called SUNDA. Gone are the days of simply installing wells; SUNDA ensures regular maintenance and management to keep water flowing consistently.

Join us in welcoming the extraordinary Aya Tsuboi, CEO of Sunda Technology Global, as she joins us live from Uganda to shed light on the current water situation and share how SUNDA is transforming communities in the region. Aya's firsthand experience in Uganda led her to deploy technology to address this pressing issue, and now she's bringing her expertise to our event.

★ Sunda Technology Global is currently crowdfunding on READYFOR for the mass production of SUNDA. Help support their mission and make a difference!

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【Featured Xtrepreneur】

Aya Tsuboi (坪井 彩)

  Co-Founder and CEO, Sunda Technology Global

Aya Tsuboi's journey is truly inspiring. After graduating from Kyoto University's Graduate School of Earth and Planetary Science (Meteorology), she pursued research in Physical Science at Nara Women's University. Her international experiences in Bangladesh and India, as well as her time aboard the oceanographic research vessel "Mirai," sparked her passion for global ventures.

Aya's career as a data scientist at Panasonic further ignited her interest in "Africa Social Issues X Business" during a workshop on developing countries. In 2018, she dedicated a year to working as a JICA Overseas Cooperation Volunteer in Uganda, where she encountered the water challenges faced by rural communities. It was there that she collaborated with local residents to create the innovative solution, SUNDA. Following her departure from Panasonic, she established Sunda Technology Global Inc.

Aya's remarkable achievements have not gone unnoticed. Forbes Japan recognized her as one of the 100 individuals featured in their prestigious June 2023 issue, "NEXT100 - 100 Ways of Hope to Save the World."

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July 15, 2023
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