From Failure to Success: Celebrating Entrepreneurial Journeys and Ocean Conservation aboard MV Steve Irwin

Join us on Ship4Good MV Steve Irwin for the launch of Christina Gerakiteys’ new book ‘Celebrating Success One Failure at a Time’, the journey of entrepreneurs and the impact we can have on Ocean Conservation.

During this IMPACT event, we will deep dive into the secrets of business breakthroughs, and how people hold such passion, resilience, and determination to pick themselves up after they fail.

Christina Gerakiteys is the founder of Utopia X. She is an entrepreneurial futurist and business accelerator, a creativity and innovation catalyst, a sought-after facilitator and speaker for corporate events, and delivers business development and innovation programs and workshops. Drawing on her experience, Christina has crafted her new book from stories taken from over 100 entrepreneurs, discussing their failures and their successes.

Hear the 'ten year overnight, success stories from 3 of the entrepreneurs interviewed in this book, and from Christina herself. Prepare to leave feeling inspired and empowered and ready to impact your communities.

The focus for this event is also on the Impact we can have on our oceans and the life it holds.

In January 2019 Kerrie Goodall heard about the fate of the MV Steve Irwin being sold for scrap in Hong Kong after the ship had served to protect our oceans for over ten years - the majority of campaigns in Australian marine protected or threatened environment. The ship is now moored at Carrington. During the evening you will hear about the impact the ship has had and have an opportunity to tour her and hear her stories.

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September 8, 2023
5:30pm - 8:00pm
hosted by
Newcastle Australia Chapter
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Email Christina Gerakiteys ( for more information
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