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This is an exciting time to be a leader. Rising global connectivity and computing power alongside declining costs are democratizing the potential for individuals and small teams to have an impact. The ability to make change comes down to one simple thing: the decision to act.

Adopting a truly abundant mindset is crucial because how  you think informs how  you act.

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our mission

We help leaders adapt to a world of accelerating change and empower them to leverage tech to improve the lives of one billion people over the next five years. 

The Singularity Group was founded on the premise that the world’s greatest problems are the world’s greatest opportunities. We deeply believe that the world has all the necessary ingredients to tackle our biggest challenges and create abundance for all. We have the visionaries, the teachers, the technologies, the makers and the capital.

When all of these ingredients combine, the possibility for impact becomes exponential. We are a platform for promoting new ways of thinking and innovating, a launchpad for emerging ventures and a powerful global community of doers and leaders—all poised to solve humanity’s biggest problems.

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“Creating abundance is not about creating a life of luxury for everybody on this planet; it’s about creating a life of possibility.”

Peter Diamandis

Co-founder, Singularity University

our origin story

Now a benefit corporation, The Singularity Group started out as Singularity University, offering an annual 10-week summer program called the Graduate Studies Program (GSP). Our aim was to bring together individuals wanting to understand how they could use technology to tackle global challenges. The original corporate founding partners and sponsors included Google, Nokia, Autodesk, IDEO, LinkedIn, ePlanet Capital, the X Prize Foundation, the Kauffman Foundation and Genentech.

When our co-founders Ray Kurzweil and Peter Diamandis (and an amazing group of other contributors) created Singularity back in 2008, they envisioned an organization that would convene passionate, action-oriented leaders from around the world and show them how exponentially accelerating technologies could help shift humanity from an era of scarcity to one of abundance.  

Our commitment to helping individuals and organizations better understand and apply technology to solve grand challenges and build a better future remains steadfast. How we do that continues to evolve.

In our early days, our focus was largely on technology…the range, growth and convergence of emerging technologies that were unlocking solutions to the most intractable problems, fueling new industries and enabling massive disruption. In our programs and at our events, our experts would paint a picture of the future driven by exponential technologies and simply blow people’s minds. Today, talk of these technologies has become ubiquitous. Now we're spending more time focusing on the implications and potential impact of these technologies for people and planet. Regardless of whether our program participants are CEOs, entrepreneurs, investors, teachers or policymakers, the call to action is the same: leverage technology to help create companies, change companies and change communities.

the next five years

Over the past decade we’ve empowered leaders of major corporations, world governments, nonprofits, startups and others to solve humanity’s biggest challenges by helping them develop this mindset—an exponential mindset—and apply emerging technologies to create a better and more equitable future for us all. 

We’re not done yet. The rate of change is still accelerating, and over the next 30 years, we’ll encounter some of the greatest transitions that any generation has ever had to face. Technological disruption is already affecting every part of our lives…every business, every industry, every society…even what it means to be human. 

Leaders around the world continue to need a new mindset and toolset to overcome the challenges of technological disruption, and we intend to continue helping them build both, with our mission to positively impact a billion people over the next five years.

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Our Areas Of Focus

Exponential technologies are changing the fundamentals of how our societies, economies and governments work. We must use them with care and wisdom to ensure they benefit all.

But what are they?  

At Singularity, we dig deep into five key areas of exponential technology. Each area contains a portfolio of technologies that are nascent but gathering momentum and have the potential to make a step change from today. They may shift the economics of industries and have ethical implications that need to be addressed. Their pioneers will impact billions of lives.

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