Singularity enriched Bachelor, Master and MBA degree programs

Singularity Group has partnered with IU to offer accredited degree programs in applied sciences while helping students better understand how exponential technologies such as AI, VR, Robotics, and Synthetic Biology will shape industries such as Health, Energy, Transportation, and Manufacturing.

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Get hands-on experience from a global social innovation community.

Gain access to Singularity’s  global network of tens-of-thousands of skill entrepreneurs who believe exponential technology can and should bring positive impact to people and planet.

Study at IU International University of Applied Sciences.

Choose  innovative Masters or MBA degrees from Germany’s largest university, focusing on topics like Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Digital Innovation, or Data Science and embrace change to stay ahead of the curve.

Get hands-on experience from a global social  innovation community.

  • Exclusive Singularity Premium membership
  • Insights on Robotics, AI, Health-Tech, Manufacturing and Computation from world-renowned experts
  • Community-generated content and events
  • Diverse Podcasts, Articles and Tech Releases
  • Year-round live webinars, workshops and discussion panels

What's included in your program at IU International University of Applied Sciences:

  • Future critical Master’s and MBA degree courses in AI, Computer Science, Engineering & Technology
  • Online library as well as podcasts and videos
  • Support and career services
  • Extensive study materials & learning app
  • Flexible, online learning

For social innovators & change-makers: Develop the mindset, toolset and network to embrace change.

We are here for individuals who want to shape the future with us, for change-makers who want to forge ahead and for all open minds who want to change our world in a positive direction. Be a constant learner in a world of constant change!

Flexible and100% online

You decide when and where to learn. Optimize your time and maximize your success.

Stay upto date

Benefit from expert curated content and news to never miss out on.

Deep-dive into Technologies

Learn about the latest trends and the most transformative technologies such as AI, Healthcare, Robotics or Biotechnology.


Create solutions that lead to a better place.

Grow your global network

Meet inspiring people and expand your network with our community across the globe.

Learn from

Hear from leading business experts and innovative start-ups that are making a difference.