Collaborative Venture in Denmark

March 1, 2017

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK/MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, USA – March 1, 2017 – Singularity University (SU), the global learning and innovation enterprise using exponential technologies to solve the world’s greatest challenges, has announced a collaborative venture in Denmark. Operating under the name, SingularityU Denmark, the organization will work with established businesses, entrepreneurs, and future innovators to create new opportunities for innovation and advancement in Denmark and around the world.Rob Nail, CEO and Associate Founder of Singularity University, explained: “We’ve been working diligently with our distinguished alumni and faculty in Denmark during the last year to establish SingularityU Denmark, and I’d like to thank Laila Pawlak and Kris Østergaard for their dedication to make this happen. Denmark is a recognized global leader in many areas of technology, including green tech, biotech, pharmaceutical sciences, telecommunications, IT, and design, and we all know the successes born in Denmark: Lego and Skype, to name a few. Our intent with the new business venture is to build on these achievements and create new opportunities. I was told that LEGO is short for "leg godt," and SU wants to “play well” in Denmark.”Digitization is high on the government's agenda, remarked Denmark’s Minister of Business and Growth, Brian Mikkelsen, who welcomed the new Singularity University initiative to Denmark: "The government has an ambition for Denmark to be at the forefront of digitization and to use technology to create growth and improve our society for all Danes. This calls for employees, leaders, and entrepreneurs to be constantly updated about the newest technological opportunities. That Singularity University, working with a local business, chooses to place an innovation hub in Denmark, is a huge acknowledgment of the potential we have for Danish businesses to be at the forefront of this technology revolution and reap the rewards of digital development.”SingularityU Denmark plans to offer educational and business programming around multiple areas of technology with expert faculty selected from within Scandinavia and around the world. Arrangements are also being made to host an upcoming summit on exponential technologies in Copenhagen, at the Royal Danish Opera on October 23 and 24, 2017. Ticket sales are open via

A Centre for Innovation & Exponential Leadership

SingularityU Denmark will operate out of a newly renovated 5000-square-meter building in Copenhagen, with the first companies moving in on March 1st. The building will include co-working space, business and conference facilities, a café, and a makerspace to make prototyping and production more accessible.“SingularityU Denmark will integrate the spirit and technological expertise of Silicon Valley with the high level of education and R&D we have in Scandinavia,” explained Laila Pawlak, CEO of SingularityU Denmark. “The building will be home to startups, growth companies and established companies with innovation divisions, which are looking to build a strong community of innovation and entrepreneurship in Denmark.”

Danske Bank in partnership with SingularityU Denmark

Danske Bank is one of the first companies to announce a partnership with SingularityU Denmark.“In Danske Bank we want to be at the forefront of digital solutions and technology that create value for our customers. With SingularityU Denmark now present in the Nordics we’re confident that even more of our leaders and employees will be prepared to create new digital solutions and opportunities for our customers” says Henriette Fenger Ellekrog, Global Head of HR in Danske Bank.

Copenhagen Science City

SingularityU Denmark will be based at the intersection of Østerbro and Nørrebro in Copenhagen Science City. Thomas Bjørnholm, chairman of Copenhagen Science City and prorector at the University of Copenhagen, enthusiastically supports the new organization: "We welcome SingularityU Denmark to Copenhagen Science City and are excited that they will be part of developing even more opportunities in the science and tech triangle. Copenhagen Science City already has a fantastic ecosystem with world-class research facilities, thousands of students and researchers, and knowledge-intensive companies that are working to disrupt the way we do things today. SingularityU will be an important source of inspiration for businesses, researchers and students to create new breakthroughs. On top of that, SingularityU Denmark will make it easier for us to attract even more international companies and talents to the Greater Copenhagen area.”SingularityU Denmark will be operated as a B-corporation, committed to improving the lives of all global citizens and making significant contributions to commercial activities. "For us it is perfectly natural to think of our organization as both purposeful and profit-oriented. We are convinced that the leaders of tomorrow will run a healthy business, while taking an active role in solving local and global challenges," concluded Ms. Pawlak.SingularityU Denmark Contact:Co-founder & CEOLaila Pawlak
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