SingularityU Portugal is the Newest SingularityU Country Partner

October 9, 2018

CASCAIS, PORTUGAL/MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIF., USA, October 9, 2018 Singularity University (SU), a global community with a mission to educate, inspire, and empower leaders to apply exponential technologies to help solve humanity’s grand challenges, has announced a new Country Partnership.SingularityU Portugal will work with established businesses, entrepreneurs, and future innovators to create new opportunities for innovation and advancement in Portugal and around the world.Rob Nail, CEO and Associate Founder of Singularity University, explains: “We’ve been working diligently with our distinguished alumni and faculty in Portugal to establish SingularityU Portugal, and I’d like to thank Beta-i, Câmara Municipal de Cascais, and Nova School of Business and Economics for their dedication to making this happen. Portugal is becoming a recognized leader in several areas of technology as well as an innovation and entrepreneurship hub in Europe. Our intent with the new Country Partnership is to build on these achievements and create new opportunities in other relevant sectors in Portugal.”Portugal is Singularity University’s fourth Country Partner, joining the organization’s growing global network of business partners along with SingularityU Nordic, SingularityU The Netherlands, and SingularityU Canada. SU collaborates with in-country leaders to bring SU programming and perspectives to local executives, entrepreneurs, policymakers, thought leaders, and more.With the desire to create a forum for dialogue and creation of knowledge with an impact on Portuguese society, by enabling companies and entrepreneurs to apply exponential technologies to their challenges, Beta-i, Cascais Town Hall and the Nova School of Business and Economics have joined forces to found SingularityU Portugal and are responsible for the long-term agreement with Singularity University.The launch of SingularityU Portugal is also thanks to Ageas, Galp and Semapa, the three Founding Partners, who supported the three organizers from the outset to bring SingularityU to Portugal. The link of these entities to the SU community reinforces their commitment to innovation and fulfills the common goal of being at the forefront of technological evolution, following the rapid and profound changes that new technologies are provoking in their sectors of activity and society in general.SingularityU Portugal will offer customized educational programs, starting in the beginning of 2019, around multiple areas of technology as well as an Executive Program in the same year featuring expert faculty from Portugal and around the world. These programs are designed to focus on the exponential trends, topics, and challenges that are most important to Portugal and its future. The main audiences for these programs are senior leaders in business, government, and nonprofits, as well as scientists, educators, and other leaders who want to shape the future.According to Ricardo Marvão, Managing Director of SingularityU Portugal, “While Portuguese startups are already applying cutting-edge technology to certain areas of business to compete on a global scale, traditional companies related to the industry and services sectors are facing new challenges to keep up with the current fast pace of technology and innovation. By bringing Singularity University to Portugal, we want to give access to the education and tools needed for employees, leaders, and entrepreneurs to be constantly updated about the newest technological opportunities and position them at the forefront of innovation.”The customized programs last one to three days and are designed to meet the specific needs of each company. Together with SingularityU Portugal, companies will discover opportunities for innovation by creating and planning their custom program experience based on the audience, group size, location, and objectives they want to achieve.In an intimate, immersive environment, the Executive Program is a three-day course that brings together innovators, executives, and entrepreneurs to discuss key topics about the future, including exponential technologies and their potential, and how they can be applied to solve local challenges that are most important to the future of the country, businesses, and population.


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