Ten New Chapters

October 4, 2017

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – October 4, 2017 – Singularity University, a global community with a mission to educate, inspire, and empower leaders to apply exponential technologies to help solve humanity's grand challenges, has announced the creation of ten new community chapters, bringing the total of SingularityU Chapters worldwide to 83 in 50 countries.New SingularityU Chapters have been formed in: Uberlandia, Brazil; Vancouver and Montreal, Canada; San Salvador, El Salvador; Douglas, Isle of Man; Kyoto, Japan; Nassau, The Bahamas; and Austin, Boston, and Minneapolis-St. Paul, U.S. Chapter Renewals include: Sofia, Bulgaria; Victoria and Toronto, Canada; Santiago, Chile; Quito, Ecuador; Milan, Italy; Panama City, Panama; Lima, Peru; Geneva, Switzerland; Taipei, Taiwan; and Istanbul, Turkey. You can read about these local Chapters in their own words on Medium.In 2016, SingularityU Chapters hosted 190 events around the world, attracting more than 13,000 participants focused on employing local technological innovation to improve the quality of life in their communities and around the world. Chapter application and review occur quarterly and the SU Q4 Chapter application process remains open from October 4 - November 1, 2017 for innovators interested in joining the SU mission by establishing a SingularityU Chapter. To learn more about the application process, go to su.org/chapters/apply.

SingularityU Chapters form the foundation of the Global SU Community

“SU facilitates its global ecosystem through our chapters, which understand the benefits of advancing exponential technologies,” said Dharmishta Rood, Singularity University’s Director of Community Leadership. “Through events hosted by SingularityU Chapter leadership teams, with individuals of diverse professions including entrepreneurs, policy makers, designers, academics, and business and NGO leaders, SU chapters are able to assemble experts from around the world to advance the use of technology in medicine, learning, security, energy, and even the development of outer space. Participants in these local communities share SU’s mission to help solve humanity’s greatest challenges through the use of technology.”SU opens applications for new Chapter submissions every quarter. At least one member of the proposed Chapter leadership team must have participated in an SU activity, such as the SU Executive Program, SU’s signature summer Global Solution Program (GSP), and/or the SU Startup Accelerator, as well as have been inspired to empower innovators in their local communities. Chapter leadership teams represent a diversity of perspectives and experiences, and demonstrate community building skills that align with overall SingularityU Chapter goals.

New SingularityU Chapters and Leadership Teams

SingularityU Austin

Daniel Marcos, Juan Gonzalez

SingularityU Boston

Lori Keenan, Raghav Chawla

SingularityU Douglas

Andrew Gleave, Kurt Roosen, Owen Cutajar

SingularityU Kyoto

Atticus Sims, Jun Suto, Toshiko Asai

SingularityU Minneapolis-St Paul

Annie Nelson, Joseph Barisonzi, Maria Lynne Dayton, Mark Ritchie, Marshall Lichty

SingularityU Montreal

Mathieu Drouin, Youssef Gaboune

SingularityU Nassau

Charles Diggiss, Dr. Desiree Cox, Felicity Humblestone, Jonathan Rodgers, Llewellyn Boyer-Cartwright, Mark Palmer, Michael Fountain, Travis Miller

SingularityU San Salvador

Edwin Rivas, Federico Rivas, Nahomy Hernandez

SingularityU Uberlandia

Anna Paula Graboski, Gustavo Maierá

SingularityU Vancouver

Aranka Anema, Cameron MacLeod, Eesmyal Santos-Brault, Gordon Casey, Greg FitzGerald, Philip Edgecumbe, Tamara Etmannski

Renewing SingularityU Chapters and Leadership Teams

SingularityU Geneva

Antonio Gambardella, Giacomo Biondi Morra, Luigi Matrone, Nicoletta Iacobacci, Silvia Taurozzi, Vedran Horvat

SingularityU Istanbul

Ebru Debbag, Gulay Ozkan, Şahin Çağlayan

SingularityU Lima

Gary Urteaga, Irina Rymshina

SingularityU Milan

Eric Ezechieli, Emil Olaru, Marta Ghiglioni, Mauro Blanco

SingularityU Panama City

Michal Monit, Luciana Ledesma

SingularityU Quito

Andrés Zurita, Jorge Perez, Xavier Torres

SingularityU Santiago

Antonia Tapia, Eduardo Labarca, Loreto Acevedo

SingularityU Sofia

Teodor Panayotov, Adriana Panayotova, Ekaterina Dimitrova

SingularityU Taipei

Ju Chun Ko, Chun-Hao Huang, Yeh Wu

SingularityU Toronto

Adrian Choo, Carey Kurtin, Daniel Araya, Farnaz Ghadaki, Nabeel Kassam

SingularityU Victoria

Derek Jacoby, Dylan Lidster, Nico Preston, Sandy Beaman, Yvonne CoadMore information about SingularityU Chapters can be found at https://su.org/chapters/.ABOUT SINGULARITY UNIVERSITY (SU)Singularity University (SU) is a global learning and innovation community using exponential technologies to tackle the world’s biggest challenges and build an abundant future for all. SU's collaborative platform empowers individuals and organizations across the globe to learn, connect, and innovate breakthrough solutions using accelerating technologies like artificial intelligence, robotics, and digital biology. A certified benefit corporation headquartered at NASA Research Park in Silicon Valley, SU was founded in 2008 by renowned innovators Ray Kurzweil and Dr. Peter H. Diamandis with program funding from leading organizations including Google, Deloitte, and UNICEF. To learn more, visit SU.org, join us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter @SingularityU, and download the SingularityU Hub mobile app.MEDIA CONTACT:Singularity University: Diane Murphy, diane.murphy@su.org