Singularity University Announces 14 New, 12 Renewal SingularityU Chapters

April 18, 2019

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – April 18, 2019 – Singularity University, a global community with a mission to educate, inspire, and empower leaders to apply exponential technologies to help solve humanity’s grand challenges, has announced the creation of 14 new community Chapters and 12 Chapter renewals, bringing the worldwide total to 156 SingularityU Chapters in 68 countries.New SingularityU Chapters have been formed in Ankara, Turkey; Auckland, New Zealand; Escazu, Costa Rica; Frankfurt Am Main, Germany; Guatemala City, Guatemala; Hong Kong, People’s Republic of China; Innsbruck, Austria; Medellin, Colombia; Quetta, Pakistan; Neenah, Wisconsin, and Tucson, Arizona, United States; Valencia, Spain; Vicenza, Italy; and Vilnius, Lithuania.Chapter renewals have been granted to Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Asuncion, Paraguay; Brasilia, Brazil; Newcastle, Australia; Northwest Arkansas, United States; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Rome, Italy; Rotterdam, The Netherlands; San Francisco, United States; Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; Shenzhen, China; and Vitoria, Brazil.“The global network of Chapters at Singularity University is engaging local communities around the ideas of exponential technology, social impact, and abundance,” said Dharmishta Rood, Singularity University’s senior director of Community Leadership. “SingularityU Chapters regularly host events in their cities, engaging stakeholders across a wide range of professional experiences including entrepreneurs, policymakers, designers, academics, and business and NGO leaders. By participating in Chapter events, attendees gain access to a network of impact-driven peers, mentors, and potential collaborators.”The United States now has 24 Chapters, and five countries have expanded from one Chapter to two: Austria, Colombia, Costa Rica, New Zealand, and Turkey. There has also been the formation of new Chapters in places with no previous representation: Guatemala, Hong Kong, and Lithuania.Chapter application and review periods occur quarterly. The Q2 Chapter application process will open today, April 18th, for innovators interested in supporting the SU mission by establishing a SingularityU Chapter. Visit to learn more. It is now possible to apply in a single application process for the Global Impact Challenge and Chapter license together.Chapter leadership teams represent a diversity of perspectives and experiences and demonstrate community-building skills that align with overall SingularityU Chapter goals.The Chapters and their leadership teams are listed below, and you can read about these Chapters in their founders’ own words on the SU Blog.

New and renewing SingularityU Chapters and Leadership Teams

SingularityU Amsterdam (The Netherlands) (renewal)

Alix Rübsaam, Jordy Egging, Maayke Aimée Damen, Peter Maarten Westerhout

SingularityU Ankara (Turkey)

Aykan Rasitoglu, Bahar Sen

SingularityU Asunción (Paraguay) (renewal)

Erick Dijkhuis, Liz González, Rodrigo Weiberlen, Santiago Campos

SingularityU Auckland (New Zealand)

Joanne Fair, Melissa Song, Vincent Vuillard

SingularityU Brasilia (Brazil) (renewal)

André Lago, Cristina Castro Lucas de Souza, Danielle Rodrigues, Gino Terentim Jr, Hannah Salmen, Juliana Martinelli, Juliano Lopes, Marcelo Almeida, Sephora Lillian, Thais Helena Nunnes Lodovico, Thiago de Aragao

SingularityU Escazú (Costa Rica)

Anthony Mora, Cynthia Esquivel, Esteban Vallejo, Eva Moreno, Percival Aguilar

SingularityU Frankfurt Am Main (Germany)

Fabrizio Gramuglio, Laura Muranaka, Nicole DeWindt, Pedro Ferreira

SingularityU Guatemala City (Guatemala)

Alessandra Menezes Rodrigues, Ana Isabella González Palma, Ana Sofía Hegel Peralta, Anapaola Fernández Lehnhoff, Erick Quan, Jose Antonio Monteros Figueroa, Leandro Mauricio Porras, Maria Isabel Nölck, Pedro Ruíz, Rafael Davini, Ximena Vargas Respreto, Yara Morales Trujillo, Ziomara Estrada

SingularityU Hong Kong (People’s Republic of China)

Bin Yang, Joanne Lai Na Chan

SingularityU Innsbruck (Austria)

Clemens Munter, Florian Lang, Vesela Tanaskovic

SingularityU Medellín (Colombia)

Andres Escobar, Carolina Alzate, Juan Chica, Sebastian Toro

SingularityU Neenah (Wisconsin, United States)

Pete Dulcamara

SingularityU Newcastle (Australia) (renewal)

Angelo Agresti, Christina Gerakiteys, Dave Eddy, Jamie Sy, Lisa Kernes

SingularityU Northwest Arkansas (Arkansas, United States) (renewal)

Brian Hughes, Seth Waite

SingularityU Quetta (Pakistan)

Ayesha Abdul Majeed, Muhammad Shah, Rehmat Khan, Sadia Khan, Syed Nisar, Yumna Iftikhar

SingularityU Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) (renewal)

Diego Julidori, Viviane Menezes

SingularityU Rome (Italy) (renewal)

Arturo Iannotti, Giulia Tatananni, Khaled Kilzie, Luca La Mesa

SingularityU Rotterdam (The Netherlands) (renewal)

Henk Koster, Henk Ras, Robert-Jan Opschoor

SingularityU San Francisco - (California, United States) (renewal, new team)

Bruno Bohn Lima, Luciano Bueno

SingularityU Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) (renewal)

Diego Torres, Frederic Emam-Zade, Roselyn Amaro B., Santiago Camarena

SingularityU Shenzhen (China) (renewal)

Joanne Chan, Jon Huang, Patrick Mak

SingularityU Tucson (Arizona, United States)

William Tatz

SingularityU Valencia (Spain)

Octavio Simini

SingularityU Vicenza (Italy)

Alessio Alberini, Irene D'Agati, Lucilla Fazio, Paolo Festa, Tommaso Corà

SingularityU Vilnius (Lithuania)

Andrius Žilenas, Andželika Rusteikiene, Diana Garlytska, Dovydas Laukys, Gabija Skucaite, Jurgita Gintautaite, Kosma Gulbinskiene, Simona Simulyte

SingularityU Vitória (Brazil) (renewal)

Evandro Milet, Gilberto Sudré, Glícia Balestrassi, Leonardo Carraretto, Luciana Carraretto, Marcelo Lage, Rafael Lontra, Renzo Colnago


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