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The Three Phases of Digitizing an Industry

Monthly insights on news and trends from Faculty Chair & Head of Social Impact, Darlene Damm. Learn how exponential technologies represent a new field of social impact, which all of us are building.

What's covered?

As our world continues to go through a digital revolution, where we incorporate computers and software into everything from cars to smart homes to medical devices, it is interesting to consider how exactly this digitization process unfolds.

This understanding can be useful if you are planning to launch a new product, service or company, as it can help you understand both timing and the amount of resources you might need to carry out your vision.  It’s also important if you care about social impact, as there is a window of opportunity at the launch or digital overhaul of an industry to build it in a way that works better for everyone.

Since joining Singularity University over ten years ago (initially as a student), I’ve watched a number of industries go through the process of digital transformation and wanted to share what I have observed.

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