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The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Reality

April 4, 2022
Kent Bye


This week my guest is Kent Bye, the voice behind the podcast, Voices of VR, which has undoubtedly been one of the world’s leading sources of virtual reality information for nearly a decade now.

This episode honestly feels like one of the most informative and comprehensive conversations we’ve had on the show yet, with Kent’s expertise carrying us through a wide array of VR relevant topics. This includes everything from the journey of VR to this point, the trajectory of VR into the future, the dynamics of design and of hardware, the impact of the Indie community versus the impact of Meta, the philosophical impacts in terms of well-being, the role of capitalism and perverse incentives, and a whole, whole lot more.

Follow Kent at twitter.com/kentbye and listen to the Voices of VR at voicesofvr.com


Host: Steven Parton - LinkedIn / Twitter

Music by: Amine el Filali


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