Will You Set an Impact Goal With Us?

Brett Schilke
Jan 28, 2019

I don’t know about you, but I’m big on setting goals for each New Year. It’s a great time for reflection and looking to the future optimistically. I’ve found, though, that I need frameworks to make goal-setting work the best, to think constructively about the types of things I can pursue, put them in categories, and give me some accountability and check-ins along the way. I particularly love the Year Compass tool and the goal-setting exercise that Lululemon leads for its own employees and for other companies. I’ve done both with close friends and family, and have had the latter taped to the wall next to my desk at home for years, to remind me to check in often.In this spirit of setting new goals for 2019, I wanted to share something we’ve been working on at SU to help make your New Year one that’s productive, actionable, and full of impact.As a mission-driven community of nearly 200,000 people in 131 countries, we’ve spent the last year reimagining how we measure and share our growing impact in the world, and how we help the community set actionable goals to work toward. Today I'm excited to announce that you can now create and share impact goals in the SU App!If you haven’t used the SU App yet, you definitely should. You can download it for free from the App Store and Google Play. It’s open to everyone, and it’s like your permanent digital home at SU. You can create a profile for yourself, search through others in our growing community, and keep up on relevant events and news around the world. And now, you can also log your own impact projects and goals to share the incredible things you’re doing to leverage the advancement of technology to tackle global grand challenges with the entire SU community.

Impact Goals - SU App Preview

The best part of logging your impact goals is that every few months, you’ll have the opportunity to check in on your progress and let us know how our community can best support you in pushing your goals forward. We’ll also select stories throughout the year to feature in SU media and programs.Just as New Year’s resolutions are better with a framework to develop them and hold yourself accountable, we hope the new impact goal feature helps you set some audacious and actionable intentions for yourself in 2019.It’s so simple! When you log into the SU App, you'll see a beautiful orange prompt to "Add an Impact Goal" on your profile. Here’s how it works:Step 1: Choose one of the six impact pathways to address.Step 2: Describe the problem you’re solving and the global grand challenge you will address.Step 3: Tell about the problem you’re aiming to solve, and how many people it affects.Step 4: Set a deadline and determine steps to track progress.

Impact Goals - SU App Preview

I’ve logged my impact goal for the year: to work on a book that helps kids prepare for the future! What impact will you make in 2019?