Top Takeaways from Exponential Families at the 2019 Global Summit

Chipp Norcross
Sep 16, 2019

Hello from SU HQ, where our team has been busy reflecting on a very successful Exponential Families program held in conjunction with our Global Summit. As always, I like to share the top takeaways that our classes have identified with the broader SU community. I think it is a vital way to keep our alumni connected to the new technological breakthroughs and the corresponding implications discussed in our classroom. It also serves as a useful measuring stick to see how much the topics and conversations shift from year to year.So without further ado, here are the top three takeaways as identified by our 2019 Exponential Families at Global Summit!

Takeaway #1: It starts with you. Eat well, sleep, be positive, think big, act big.

One of the primary themes that appeared throughout the program was the importance of mindset and self-care. Whether it applied to personal longevity, success in business, or cementing one's legacy, this theme was clear and consistent. While this was a theme heard throughout the event, including from our co-founder Dr. Peter Diamandis, the most thorough examination of the topic was by Dr. Divya Chander and Raymond McCaulley. In their session on mental and physical longevity, our chairs of neuroscience and digital biology pointed to self-care as the most critical component of a personal longevity strategy. In fact, if you wear a lack of sleep like a badge of honor, you should probably watch this short video describing the recently understood Glymphatic System. It plays a critical role in cleaning waste out of the brain every night and could help us to better understand, and maybe treat, Alzheimer's Disease. TLDR: get eight hours of sleep every night!

Takeaway #2: Enable more positive narratives.

As insights into the latest technology breakthroughs piled up, positivity also prevailed. While the news may be telling you that the world around us filled with impending doom, the reality is that, by most measures, things are getting better every day. Also, it has never been more possible for individuals to have an impact at scale, thanks to the continued democratization of technology. As leaders, it is vital that we share these positive stories with the people in our communities to help them envision a better future for themselves and their families.

Exponential Families

Takeaway #3: The future is for my kids.

In a program focused on families, it is no surprise that the next generation(s) was a primary topic of conversation. Dr. Esther Wojcicki joined us to share insights into her TRICK formula for raising successful people, where TRICK signifies Trust, Respect, Independence, Collaboration, and Kindness. It was one of the most widely anticipated sessions of the program, especially among the younger members of the families, and it did not disappoint!The more pressing questions, however, were focused on the state of the world that our children will inherit. How will today's decisions about topics such as environmental policy, artificial intelligence governance, and gene editing affect their futures? In many cases, we don't know what the right answers are, or if there even is a single answer. Although these topics and the decisions we have to make in the coming years may seem overwhelming, it is an excellent time to reflect back on Takeaways #1 and #2 and Keep a Positive Mindset!There has never been a time in human history when we have so many tools for addressing the challenges that we face. And there may well have never been a group of people as committed to creating that future than those in Singularity University's global community. So take heart! You are most certainly not alone and, in fact, you are among friends in wanting to create the best possible future for our children.I hope that some of these insights are useful to you, and if you want to learn more about our growing Exponential Families community, let’s start a conversation!