Singularity University at Ten Years: Where We’re Headed

Rob Nail
Oct 2, 2018

2018 is an exciting year for our community, as we mark the 10th anniversary of SU and its impact on the world. Fittingly, we’ve given 2018 a theme: The Power of 10. We’ve been celebrating our community’s collective accomplishments of the past ten years, thinking ahead to what the community can achieve in the next ten years, and then reflecting on the overall power of the exponential technology, tools, and mindset that differentiate us.Our community is a huge reason we’re able to experience the power of 10. Our growth has been nothing short of phenomenal thanks to the work our community is doing at SingularityU Summits, Country Partnerships, Chapters, Global Impact Challenges, Smart City Accelerators, impact initiatives, and SU portfolio companies. We appreciate our community’s participation in our programs as organizations and individuals, as well as the service our members provide as part of our extended faculty and growing network of experts, mentors, and advisors. SU’s global influence is undeniable as the interest in exponential technologies and their impact to make the world a better and more equitable place also grows at an accelerating pace.And we’re just getting started! What I’m most excited about is what lies ahead for us over the next ten years. We’re already off to a great start:

  • We relaunched our flagship GSP (now known as the Global Startup Program) to be more hands-on, scalable, transformative, impactful, and global in order to include more startups and launch more moonshots. I enthusiastically invite inspired solvers everywhere to apply!
  • Our first series of Online Courses is live on our new digital learning platform and is delivering online versions of the best SU has to offer to individual learners and teams/departments at large organizations.

But we’re certainly not stopping there! In the coming months, we’ll be announcing several new strategic partnerships that will enable us to expand our business and impact in exciting new ways. Subscribe to our newsletters to be the first to know about new developments as they happen.While the SU organization continues to evolve, one thing that won’t change is our mission to inspire and empower you—our community—with the latest insights into the power of exponential technologies to solve global grand challenges and to connect you to an incredible global ecosystem to support your impact initiatives. We’re here to help you succeed, whether you’re looking to keep up with the latest disruptive tech trends or working to make positive change at the personal, organizational, local, or global level. As our theme suggests, the impact of our community is larger than the sum of its parts. As our community grows exponentially, so will our ability to effect positive exponential change.

Singularity University Team

We pledge to continue helping you navigate to the future faster and identify new opportunities to create value. I hope you discover inspiration here to fuel your important work and new partners to help drive it forward. We look forward to supporting you.If you haven’t done so already, get the SU App and sign up for a free SingularityU Membership to start discovering amazing people who share your vision. Create a profile, add in your skills and interests, and then start growing your network. Let’s work together to catalyze a better future and make amazing things happen!