Radical Ideas and Real Impact: How to Transform Your Startup into a Scalable Global Business

Monique Giggy
Nov 12, 2018
“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”—Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

In many ways, the evolution of our Global Startup Program (GSP) has mirrored the evolution of Singularity University. As SU’s flagship program since 2008, GSP occupies an important place in our history. And just as SU is evolving as an organization to help build a more abundant future, GSP has evolved to help today’s startups become tomorrow’s most impactful organizations.The program also has an important place in my own history. GSP was quite literally that new experience that stretched my mind when I attended in the 2014 cohort. And from that time to my current position as head of SU Ventures, I can truly say my mind will never go back to its old dimensions.GSP is a profound experience for founders—they leave with new connections, a framework for global growth, and a transformed mindset that enables them to take on what we call global grand challenges.

GSP by the numbers data

From inspiration to impact

We recently retooled and relaunched GSP to be even more impactful—more hands-on, scalable, transformative, and truly global in nature. Learn how our new-and-improved GSP helps founders build global startups at the billion-scale in this short video:

Three program components

The GSP comprises three phases that provide the content, resources, and networks to help founders scale their businesses. These phases are specifically designed to meet the needs of impact-focused startups.

  • Activate your startup by learning more about the exponential technologies that are transforming our world and can help 10X your startup’s impact!
  • Accelerate your startup’s progress with expert advice and support to streamline your validation, go-to-market, funding, and scale strategies.
  • Connect with your fellow GSP 2019 startup founders and innovators, as well as successful GSP founders from previous years.

It’s important to note that startups don’t leave GSP alone. Leaders and innovators from every GSP in the last decade have stayed in touch, exchanging encouragement, ideas, and resources. Some have even formed productive business relationships and personal friendships!Who are these bold leaders and innovators who have been involved with GSP over the years? You may recognize names like Muhammad Yunus, Anousheh Ansari, Astro Teller, Naveen Jain, Sylvia Earle, Esteban Bullrich, and Peter Worden—these individuals have all served as GSP speakers and mentors in the past. And having such luminaries involved in the program has helped enable the creation and launch of such incredible impact startups as Getaround, Made In Space, Matternet, and ImpactVision through GSP. Here’s a complete list of successful startups that have come out of GSP.

Group members chatting amongst each other.

From success to significance

Startup stories that began with a wild idea or a back-of-the-napkin sketch have become part of Silicon Valley lore.Here’s a popular narrative: A founder experiences some sort of epiphany and goes on to create a groundbreaking product or service that achieves a remarkably high valuation by disrupting legacy companies. Often, the company goes public with a wildly successful IPO or exits with a hefty payday. Then, the founder or founders steer some of their startup wealth toward the greater good by sponsoring or starting charitable organizations that contribute to the greater good.But here at SU, we don’t believe in following the typical narrative or striving to achieve typical results.We believe that the GSP can help your startup multi-track success and significance. As SU Executive Founder and Director Peter Diamandis says, “if you want to make a billion dollars, help a billion people.” So we believe success and significance can be accomplished simultaneously. You can solve one (or more) of the world’s global grand challenges and become financially successful at the same time.The GSP is about helping founders ideate, design, and optimize their solutions at the billion-scale, to achieve massive global reach. That’s why we welcome startups and innovation teams from established organizations around the world. Our participants come from the corporate, non-profit, academic, and government sectors. If you’re ready to follow a similar epic path to impact, please visit the GSP website, where you can apply or provide your contact info to stay in the loop and receive updates.