New Connection and Messaging Features Will Empower Positive Change

Jessica Jin
May 2, 2019

From my first encounter with Singularity University at Exponential Medicine a few years ago, I knew there was something special about this community of dreamers, bold thinkers, innovators, technologists, entrepreneurs, investors, and curious learners. Upon joining the company a year ago, it was clear to me that Singularity University had been brewing up some exciting new digital products to further support, elevate, and expand the magic and power of this community within the Digital Business team, and in the next chapter of our organization's life, we would transform into a key player in the future of education.After gathering feedback through conversations and meetings with SU community leaders, Chapter members, partners, conference attendees, program alumni, and colleagues alike, we are working on some new features that will soon transform SingularityU Memberships into a social network! And we are just getting started.

“There is so much to learn from this valuable community.”—Avishan, Information Management Officer, United Nations Peace Operations

We’ve always had a vision of enabling our impassioned global community to collaborate across boundaries. As a first step, we built a Global Directory that for the first time let our community members find and be found by people with diverse backgrounds, areas of expertise, and interests. Since then, we’ve been working steadily to evolve the Directory into something far more interactive and actionable. Our plan? We’re about to unveil new functionality that takes our humble Directory to a whole new level: it’s a social network!

SU App Preview - Messaging

The new digital journey from idea to impact

"From a small seed, a mighty trunk may grow."—Aeschylus

With these new features, anyone with a SingularityU Membership will be able to add connections and send direct messages instantly. Today, there are nearly 70,000 active members sharing their thoughts and ideas with colleagues and friends around the world. Imagine the power of being able to broaden your network so rapidly and easily! But this is just the beginning. We have a larger roadmap to reach our goal of fostering more connection and collaboration within our community.

SU App Preview - Connect

Cross boundaries to enable breakthrough solutions and positive change

We strive to empower our community to collaborate, connect, and talk about using exponential technologies to find and forward relevant and efficient solutions to humanity's grand challenges. So how will these new features make an impact on you and your efforts? We hope this new functionality helps make the world a bit smaller, smarter, and friendlier by helping you cross geographical, experiential, and industry/sector boundaries. Here are just a few possible examples of how this upgraded SingularityU Membership could take your work and relationships to the next level in the near future:

  • Meet your new advance teamSuppose you’re thinking about scaling your startup from Joburg to Estonia but need some guidance about the business climate there. With our new features, in just a few clicks, you will be able to connect with like-minded changemakers who can give you a better understanding of the innovation scene, share pitfalls to avoid, suggest potential partners, and more.
  • Find people who compliment your skill set Perhaps you’re working in blockchain and want to start exploring opportunities in biotech. Soon, you will be able to discover, connect, and communicate directly with people who can help. Suppose you're a new startup founder—perhaps through the Membership, you can find others passionate about solving similar challenges and discover a new co-founder. Because exponential technologies are rapidly converging, the possibilities are endless!
  • Discover the value of uncommon partnerships Maybe you’re an executive at a large company looking to partner with an NGO or emerging startup. Or a corporate executive looking for ways to innovate from within your organization. These new features will make it easy for you to broaden your network and start exploring diverse perspectives, finding new markets for your products and services, finding new approaches to age-old challenges, and much more.

The world is waiting for you. Get inspired and be an inspiration to others by joining the digital community and sharing your projects, questions, and ideas with other like-minded future-makers. Activate your free SingularityU Membership, create your profile, and get ready to start making meaningful connections! Meanwhile, you can find me on the platform anytime. See you there soon!Stay tuned for more exciting developments to come!