Announcing New & Renewal Chapters & Changes to 2020 Chapter Program

Kate Sassoon
Feb 3, 2020

SingularityU Chapters play an integral role in the "SUniverse" by convening their local communities, connecting like-minded individuals, and collaborating with other SingularityU partners—as well as individuals and entities in the public and private sectors—to help create impact that moves the world toward a vision of a shared future where there is abundance for all.With this shared focus and determination to tackle humanity’s grand challenges, we’re honored to announce the addition of 12 new SingularityU Chapters, as well as 47 renewed Chapters, bringing our total to 190 SingularityU Chapters in 77 countries.Today, we officially welcome new SingularityU Chapters in Almaty, Kazakhstan; Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Baku, Azerbaijan; Ha Noi, Vietnam; Legnano, Italy; Murcia, Spain; Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan; Puebla, Mexico; Tauranga, New Zealand; Verona, Italy; Vodnjan, Croatia; and Yerevan, ArmeniaWe’re also happy to welcome back the following Chapters with renewed licenses: Bangalore, India; Basel, Switzerland; Beijing, India; Belo Horizonte, Brazil; Boston, USA; Cairo, Egypt; Cape Town, South Africa; Caracas, Venezuela; Chihuahua, Mexico; Dubai, UAE; Dublin, Ireland; Durban, South Africa; El Paso, TX, USA; Erie, USA; Grand Rapids, MI, USA; Gurgaon, India; Islamabad, Pakistan; Johannesburg, South Africa; Jundiaí, Brazil; Kolkata, India; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Kyiv, Ukraine; León, Mexico; London, United Kingdom; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Madrid, Spain; Melbourne, Australia; Miami, FL, USA; Montevideo, Uruguay; Moscow, Russia; Okinawa, Japan; Oslo, Norway; Ottawa, Canada; Quito, Ecuador; Recife, Brazil; Santiago, Chile; Shanghai, China; Singapore, Singapore; Sofia, Bulgaria; Tallinn, Estonia; Uberlândia, Brazil; Warsaw, Poland; Paris, France; Eindhoven, Netherlands; Luxembourg, Luxembourg; Zapopan, Mexico; and Zurich, SwitzerlandSingularityU Chapters organized over 350 events in 2019 reaching well over 7,000 participants. Event attendees have described their experience at SingularityU Chapter events as “mind-blowing” and “inspiring,” and have mentioned their appreciation for—and wonder at—the technology, knowledge, and skills shared.Browse our full Chapter roster or learn more about our Chapter community.

Evolving Chapters in Changing Times

Many of our community members have been wondering what the future will look like for Chapters as SU moves into the next phase of its evolution. As we welcome our new CEO and recommit to achieving our audacious mission, how will we wisely and sustainably include our partners in that new future?For the Chapter Leaders who steward our global community and the community members who aspire to form a Chapter in their local community, there are 2 key changes:

  • We will be officially pausing all new Chapter applications for 2020. No new Chapters will be accepted this year as we work to wisely iterate on this great experiment in community building. We will enlist all existing stakeholders in our global community during this redesign, continuing in the Chapter tradition of being a truly community-driven program. Please stay tuned for opportunities to contribute!
  • Existing Chapters will be welcomed to apply for renewal in a rolling process that will be announced soon. We will consult our existing Chapter leadership community to determine this process in the coming month, and will announce is as soon as possible.

If you’re an existing or aspiring leader in our Chapter community and have any questions or concerns, we encourage you to reach out to us at we move into a new decade and a new phase of our audacious mission to educate, inspire, and empower leaders to apply exponential technologies to address humanity’s grand challenges, it brings me great pride to be working with such a diverse, passionate, and optimistic community. Here’s to a great year of collaboration with our SingularityU Chapters!