Music to Change the World: An Impact Playlist

Brett Schilke
Oct 15, 2018

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re part of the Singularity University community—this ever-growing crew, nearly 200,000 strong—spread across the world, working to make impact. You understand the global grand challenges faced by humanity, you see the potential of technology to transform our world, and you’re with us in a mindset that we, as individuals, institutions, and companies, can move the needle on the most pressing issues of our time.Reflecting on this a few weeks ago, I realized that something was missing. I was thinking about how, whenever I need to solve a gnarly problem or find some inspiration, I put on one of my favorite playlists. I have playlists for all sorts of purposes: ideation, reflection, even one for cranking out long Google Docs. (Ugh.) But I didn’t have one for rolling up my sleeves and making the world a better place.It’s about more than just head-bopping or the one-song dance parties that go down in my office once a week (yes, really). As we begin to deepen our understanding of digital biology, we can actually see how music activates our minds. And companies like focus@will (an SU Ventures Startup Portfolio company) are using music backed by neuroscience to induce flow states and enhance cognition and mood.So, as it is my sworn duty to support members of the SU community in achieving their impact goals, I’m happy to share with you a completely non-scientific, entirely chair-dance-induced piece of support, perhaps the most valuable you’ll ever receive.Impact BeatsWant to change the world? Here's a playlist, curated by the community of Singularity University, for going out and making impact. Energy, inspiration, pumped-up's music to motivate, music to reflect, music to help you move the world.

What’s your impact tune?We want to add the jam that puts you in an exponential mindset. Help us crowdsource even more great impact-fueling tunes! Tweet us your best additions to our playlist! Not a member of the SU community yet? Get your free SingularityU membership now! Start by downloading our app, then add your skills and interests to your profile and start connecting with great people!