Jump Into 2021 With SingularityU Basel

Lila Faria
Jan 7, 2021

Welcome back, Singularity Community! It's officially 2021: A new year, full of new opportunities to build communities.In 2021, I plan to continue sharing regular Chapter Spotlights every week. I will be highlighting our AMAZING Chapter Leaders, as well as any interesting things happening in one of our Global Chapter Communities.Got a Chapter event (or person) you'd like me to feature? Send them my way! I'm always on the lookout for opportunities to tell others how great y'all are.

This week, I'd like to share Sara Hosni's upcoming event with SingularityU Basel: A post-holiday get-together!Taking place on January 20th at 9am PST / 6pm CET, this will be a great opportunity for you all to get to know our Basel Community. Whether you are currently a member of the Basel Chapter, are interested in joining, or simply want to meet new people on a Thursday, this will be a great opportunity!Learn more here.


About Chapter Spotlights: Once a week I will be highlighting a person or event in our Global Chapter Community to ensure we learn more about each other’s accomplishments, passions, and personalities.

If you’re want to highlight an upcoming Global Chapter human or event, send me a DM with details!


This article originally appeared as First Look content, as a member benefit to SU Global Community members, inside the SU Global Community here.