Great Chapter Events of 2020

Lila Faria
Jan 21, 2021

2020 was a downright crazy year: Between the pandemic, the protests and the election, we will be writing about the challenges we faced for generations to come.Nevertheless, we continued to gather to discuss exponential ideas and make change happen. Let's look back at some of the amazing, unique Chapter events that ran over the past year:

Virbela Virtual Salons

With SingularityU Tokyo

Held on the Virtual Reality platform Virbela, SingularityU Tokyo participants e-met at Exponential Japan's Virbela office in order to discuss the future of work. These events are ongoing, with the goal of occurring once a month.


With SingularityU Dubai

A regular event made by and for the SingularityU Dubai community. As Chapter Leader Pedro Pereira puts it:

Moonday is our community freestyle-connection every last Monday on the month. It started with the idea of building meaningful relationships with our members and attract more members. [...] To gain traction, we leveraged the human mental triggers of community, rituals and anticipation. Everyone knows it will happen, on that specific day, on a specific location. Even if you cannot come, you have the anticipation for the next one because it’s a ritual that involves a community of like-minded individuals to network and grow. People who come are welcomed by older members. New members get familiarized and start to get more engaged. We even had a WhatsApp group to communicate afterwards, which now is moving to the new SU social platform.

These Moonday events have been put on pause due to the coronavirus, but the Dubai team hopes to start them up again once it's safe to do so.

Explore the Future of Health

Deloitte Health Connect (by SingularityU Basel)

In February 2020, SingularityU Basel co-hosted the inauguration of the European Life Sciences HUB of Deloitte. During their in-person event, the Basel team brought together a patient and a start-up founder from the medical technology field, along with Deloitte and SU representatives, to discuss the future of the health. You can find additional photos here.

Anti-Fragile Business

Rising Above Corona (by SingularityU Gurgaon)

Held in collaboration with ThoughtWorks last May, Anti-Fragile Business: Rising Above Corona brought together a diverse array of industry leaders whose businesses pivoted as a result of the coronavirus. You can learn more by reaching out to the SingularityU Gurgaon team here.

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