An Uncommon Opportunity

Kyle Nel
Mar 14, 2019

There are many paths that lead people to Singularity University, but what keeps them in this community is the drive for creating exponential impact. After working with this organization for many years as corporate partners and faculty, we’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what sets SU apart, and why we partner together. For us, this community enabled us to connect exponential theories with practical applications, which is how we drove real-world retail transformation during our previous experience at Lowe’s Innovation Labs. We founded Uncommon Partners in 2018 to help other organizations transform and embrace emerging technologies, and today we are so excited for the opportunity to bring Uncommon Partners into SU. We take seriously our responsibility to give back to the community that has given so much to us, whether that is through our expertise in corporate innovation or through the specialized consulting, research, or development capabilities we will now be integrating into SU’s products and services as a result of our acquisition.

An uncommon perspective: overcoming human limitations

We share a belief with SU that the greatest challenges to humanity also represent our greatest opportunities. Uncommon Partners has been focused on tools to help unlock these opportunities by overcoming our own human limitations: our brains are simply wired for linear thinking, desperate to avoid or reduce risk, and over-reliant on instincts honed based on what was true in the past. We know from our own experience that there are tools and methods to overcome these traits in order to create meaningful behavior change. After all, major transformations are the cumulative result of many successful steps forward along the way. The principles we have relied on to build our services are shared and reflected in many ways across SU. You can expect to see us continue moving forward based on:

  • A deep commitment to the transformational power of narrative for setting an exponential vision, communicating that vision to others, and attracting people inside and outside of your organization to make it real
  • A fervent belief in the importance of building Uncommon Partnerships in order to make progress further and faster than we ever could on our own
  • A rigorous approach to research and development that focuses on experimental design to help uncover what’s working, or not working, in uncertain new terrain

We are excited to work with many more of you in the SU community and can’t wait to share more soon! Singularity University has acquired Uncommon Partners. To learn how we will be integrating Uncommon Partners’ methodology and applied neuroscience-backed approaches to innovation into SU programs and solutions, sign up to hear about future developments!