A360 Update

Steve Leonard
Feb 13, 2021

Singularity has acquired various assets over the years, one of which is A360.  This is managed by PhD Ventures which is owned and operated by Peter Diamandis.  For the past nine years, A360 has hosted an in-person event.  Due to Covid, the decision was that the 2021 event (January 23-26th) would be a virtual studio-broadcast production.  It was decided that some members of A360 would be allowed to join the production crew at the studio in Culver City, LA.  A substantial set of health and safety protocols were put in place.  It has since transpired that some of those present later tested positive for COVID-19 though fortunately, none have suffered serious health issues at this stage.  See Peter’s full blog post here.

At Singularity, we took the positive action back in March 2020 to cancel all of our previously-scheduled in-person events (such as the 2020 Executive Programs and Summits).  In addition, we have not yet scheduled any in-person events for 2021.  We are, of course, hopeful we may be able to host a (small) in-person gathering in November this year, but that will entirely depend on vaccinations and regulations allowing it to be possible.  Taking a ‘digital-first’ approach to how we deliver our content and build our community is our top priority.  When safe to do so, we will add back in-person gatherings in future to enhance and strengthen our digital-first approach.Although we can only control what we do as a team, we expect our partners globally to run their business in accordance with all relevant local and national health regulations.  All our partners share our ‘safety-first’ focus.If you have further questions or concerns please contact us here at media@su.org.